Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Quick-ish Update

It's been a busy weekend...

  • My sister and her girlfriend came to visit for a few days.  We noticed that when we lived in Washington hardly anyone came to visit us but since we have been in Las Vegas we have had more visitors than we had in the past 20 years in Washington!  The photo above is of my sister's face cleaning stuff.  Hubby asked me like five times how she can use so many products at once. I have no idea.  (Note this is one of the reasons I don't link this blog from my regular website...I think the family wouldn't like it that I am talking about them).
  • My monthly challenge for April got off to a bad start.  First I couldn't find my redditors at the reddit meet up (what I was going to do for day one) then yesterday I was busy all day taking our guests around.  Now a nephew called and said he and his friends will be here in mid April for a week so I have decided to do my month-long challenge next month because my schedule is so out of whack this month :I
  • We have made our "highest and best" offer on home #13.  This place is actually a condo and while I said before that I didn't want a condo, we found one that we liked so we made an offer.  Since the price on these units has gone up $20,000 since last summer and it's still rising, we figure that if we really don't like living in a condo we can always sell it then find a house.  Hubby is just eager to have a place of our own instead of renting.
  • This month I need to focus on MAKING MONEY.  I have ten goals for just this week that will require a lot of money and more goals than that for the month so I need to step up my earnings ASAP!
  • It's getting warmer and warmer here in Las Vegas and we just realized that the AC in the car is blowing warm air.  We didn't drive the car for nearly a year when we were traveling plus in Washington we seldom used air conditioning so who knows how long it has been like this but we definitely need to get it fixed (yet another expense).  Like I said in a previous post, Murphy has definitely set up shop with us.  :I
  • We went to the premium Outlet mall yesterday and I didn't buy a thing.  I have changed my attitude/life so much over the past few years that it has left me positively shopping impaired :I
That's all for now...I hope you are having a wonderful day!


  1. Wow.. that is a lot of 'face stuff'! At first I thought it was a craft area! lol!! I use soap, cream, and if i'm going out, blush & lip gloss. lol! I'm sooo high maintenance!! ;)

  2. I actually think that's pretty average as far as beauty products go. It could be a lot worse. I am with you on the shopping impaired thing. I no longer think of going shopping as something to do, unless of course I'm buying to resell. I haven't been to the mall in ages.