Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Wish List (The Huge Version)

Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with all of the things that we need.  It seems like some weeks there are very few things we need and other weeks things start breaking down or running out and then the list of stuff we want/need seems to grow exponentially over night.  I know I should probably just get a job to cover these things and it is a really, really good thing I don't have a credit card (because I would be sooo tempted to use it on these things) but today I am going to try something that I often do when there is a lot of things I want and not a lot of money to buy them, I will write out my "wish list" then hand it over to the universe to take care of.  After a month I will let you know which things somehow got bought/acquired, most likely through very little effort of my own.  I have done this many times before and oddly enough, even when I am flat broke, the things I want and need often come to me anyway.  It's quite magical!  Here goes:

  1. Book of stamps (I just ran out)
  2. Surgiwax (my sister put my wax in the microwave for THREE minutes, needless to say the whole thing including the plastic tub melted into a big heap)
  3. Coconut oil (my skin is SOOOO dry and I want something more natural to put on my skin besides lotion)
  4. Compound W (I have a small, yucky wart that just showed up. Ick)
  5. Car air conditioning (the system is shot and will cost $500 to fix and it is 97 degrees today. Ugh)
  6. Car front rotors, brakes, alignment, brake system flush (the rotors don't sound so good)
  7. Car windshield "ding" fixed (one small ding so this will only be about $20)
  8. Car power steering pump replaced and flushed (the shop said this needs to be fixed soon)
  9. Car O2 sensor (this doesn't work and the car won't pass a smog check without it)
  10. Car rack and pinion replaced ($780! to fix. Ugh.)
  11. Car fuel system flushed (the shop said this should be done)
  12. Car battery (the shop said this was not in very good shape)
  13. Car tune up (the car has 112k miles and has never been tuned up; the tune up is expensive too)
  14. Car lights fixed (there is a short so some of the lights work then don't work)
  15. Car registration and insurance in our new state (when we move we will need to register the car in NV)
  16. Hubby's new Las Vegas license (he isn't officially a local yet)
  17. April cell phone payment (due this month)
  18. May cell phone payment (due next month)
  19. April tithe (due this month)
  20. May tithe (due next month)
  21. Register new domain name for friend's business (friend will reimburse me for this later)
  22. Renew webhost and domain name for two of my accounts (this will be about $120)
  23. TV for son in Philippines (his TV got electrocuted and he can't afford a new one)
  24. Balikbayan box filled and sent to son in Philippines (we need to mail the TV with some other stuff to him soon)
  25. Books and school supplies sent to school in Philippines (they were so happy with the last box I told them I would send another)
  26. New house inspection fee (this will be due next week after the papers are signed)
  27. New house appraisal fee (not sure if this comes out of earnest money or not, will have to check on this)
  28. $1000 for son's house in the Philippines (he needs a roof on his house)
  29. NFCU emergency fund replaced (I took money out of this to fix my tooth and need to replace it)
  30. SIL money (hubby owes his sister some money that she delivered to a relative when she went to visit them)
  31. New VW Jetta (I WANT A NEW CAR!)
  32. New house wood flooring (the house has brand new carpet but having carpet here is kind of icky so I want to replace it with wood floor or tile)
  33. Washer and dryer (we don't own a washer or dryer so will need to buy a new set)
  34. Sofa (we are currently using a futon sofa which will go into a guest room so we need a sofa)
  35. New set of dishes (we have been using exactly three plates and three bowls since we sold everything, I want a new complete set)
  36. Dining room table and chairs (we sold this before we left to travel too so need a new set for the house)
  37. Two short bar stools for kitchen island (the house had a great island so we need stools for it)
  38. Bed for guest room (we sold our guest be set before we left to travel, now we need a new set)
  39. TV for guest bedroom (ditto)
  40. TV for second guest room (ditto)
  41. Bath and Body Works foamy soap (x6) (I love having this soap in our bathrooms, right new we are using Dollar Store soap)
  42. Cute hand towel for bathrooms (x3) (the house has three bathrooms so I need cute towels for each bathroom)
  43. Garbage cans for bathrooms and bedrooms (x6) (ditto)
  44. Rice box (we also sold our rice box...)
  45. Clothes drying rack (the back deck of the house would be perfect for drying clothes outside so I will need a drying rack)
  46. Comforter sets (x2) (we need a new set for our bed and the guest room bed)
  47. Laundry basket (I will need this to haul clothes from the washer upstairs to the drying rack outside)
  48. Bathroom decor (x3) (I like our bathrooms to have cute things on the wall)
  49. Love seat for master bedroom (the bedroom is pretty big so we will put a loveseat or sofa in there)
  50. UNLV application fee (this is one of my 30 goals and will cost $60)
  51. Stratosphere ride (ditto, it will cost about $15)
  52. Grand Canyon trip (another goal)
  53. Poker game buy in (ditto)
  54. Bodies Exhibit tickets (ditto)
  55. Red Rock Canyon entry fee (ditto)
  56. Concealed carry class and license (ditto)
  57. Springs Preserve entry fee (ditto)
  58. San Francisco trip (ditto)
  59. Karaoke night (ditto)
  60. Sign up for: water, sewer, garbage, gas, electric, cable (not sure if there will be deposits for these)
  61. Rekey new house (will need to do this when we move in)
  62. Ceiling fans for bedrooms (x3) (none of the bedrooms have ceiling fans and these are necessary in Las Vegas)
  63. House insurance (6 months) (also necessary, I like to pay our insurance bi-annually)
  64. Car insurance (6 months) (ditto)
  65. Grandson's school for May (we send money each month for his schooling)
  66. $1000 for hubby's poker fund (it would be nice to give hubby a big bankroll for his poker playing)
  67. Birth certificates/death certificates (x10) (for mom, gram, gramp, great gram, great gramp)
  68. $200 for online savings (I haven't put money into this account in ages)
  69. UK flight (for our UK trip this fall)
  70. UK cruise (a cheap--and fun--way to come back from the UK)
  71. Miami to LV air tickets (the cruise lands in Miami and we will need to get back to Vegas)
  72. LV to Tokyo ticket (our second--hopefully--fall trip, I will go to Tokyo first)
  73. Osaka to Manila ticket (then I will go t Manila)
  74. LV to Manila ticket (hubby will skip Japan and go straight to Manila)
  75. RT Manila to Davao tickets (x2) (then we will both go to Davao)
  76. Manila to LV tickets (x2) (then we will return to Las Vegas)
  77. UK spending money (a, hotel...etc)
  78. Asia spending money (ditto)
  79. Getting settled into new house money (there are always a lot of little things we need when we move)
  80. New wardrobe for me (my clothes are so old and ugly!)
  81. New wardrobe for hubby (hubby's clothes are cute but still he would like some new clothes)
  82. Excess house closing costs (not sure how much extra we will need to pay for closing costs)
  83. Haircut/color (x2) (next month hubby and I will both need haircuts)
  84. Dermatologist (x4) (there are four procedures I would like done...mostly for vanity purposes)
  85. $1000 to each kid (x4) (if we send $1000 to hubby's son in the Philippines we would also like to give each of the other kids $1000 each...we haven't done this in ages)
  86. Family reunion cruise (we really want to do this but it will cost a small fortune)
  87. CT/MA trip (we haven't been to CT in ages)
  88. GA trip (we want to visit the SIL before she moves to Florida)
  89. WA trip (I want to go back and visit my family this year sometime)
  90. KFCU emergency fund (this is another fund we haven't put money in in ages)
  91. Furniture for new house (TV stand, end tables, etc) (we will need random small furniture pieces when we move to the new house)
  92. $1000 to try eTrade (I've always wanted to try my hand at investing and would like a small fund to get started)
  93. $1000 for hubby's WSOP entry (this big poker tourney is coming up in May and I would like to be able to give hubby the cash for the entry fees)
  94. Panama Canal cruise (we have always wanted to do this cruise but never got around to it)
  95. Food to stock pantry in new house (we have very little food in our condo, when we move I would like to fully stock the pantry)
  96. Dental procedure (I may need to have one more dental procedure)
  97. Moving truck rental and moving guy pay (so hubby and I won't need to do all of the moving this time)
  98. Gifts for my friends in Japan and mailing cost (my friend's birthday is coming up and I always send stuff to her kids as well as her)
  99. $500 cash (I would like to hand out $20 to random people on Christmas eve)
  100. $1000 Christmas gifts (we haven't done gifts for a couple of years and I would like to have the cash to get people gifts this year).
Whew that's a lot of stuff!  Most of the stuff is for our car (which seems to suddenly need a lot of fixing), my 30 goals, and our new house (which I am not getting super excited about until the final papers are signed).  There is a lot of travel in there too, as well as other random stuff (I would love to get dermabrasion on my face to get rid of the little wrinkles and while it is low on the priority list, it is still "wishable").  I'll let you know the universe responds to my "wish list"! 
p.s. Just for good measure I am throwing in an "angel" picture that a friend gave me that she took when she was on a religious pilgrimage.


  1. Re: #25. I would like to contribute! I remember that wonderful photograph of your grandson's class the last time you sent them supplies. Let me know what you need and I can ship it to you. I'll just need your address.

  2. Thanks Lorraine! I'll let you know what I start that project!

  3. This is a good idea - writing everything down! I hope the universe responds :)