Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today I Am Thankful For...

My weekly gratitude list...

  1. Rain in the desert.  It rained last night and I was so excited I ran outside.  I'm from Seattle and I know rain and while I don't get excited about the three-months-with-no-break kind of rain we get there, in the desert it is very much welcome.
  2. Great writers.  While Julia Quinn, et al. may not win a Pulitzer or anything like that, today's crop of romance writers have certainly set the bar high for witty and clever writing in the romance genre; I am positively devouring her books at the moment.
  3. An awesome hubby.  I am always thankful for him.  Tonight he is in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet dinner as he often does (he is an amazing cook) and he spoils me something terrible. 
  4. The great library system in Las Vegas.  I am often thankful for the library as it is full of great free stuff (wi fi, movies, books, etc) but today I learned that you can check out ebooks online from them as well. Wow!
  5. My health.  I often take my health for granted, or rather, don't give it much thought at all unless I have a medical problem, but today as we were walking down the Las Vegas Strip it suddenly hit me that I am thankful to be able to even do such a thing.
  6. Ideas.  I tend to write all the time--books, articles, blog posts, etc--and while I have no idea where all of the ideas come from, I am certainly glad they are there.  Case in point, a few days ago I had an idea for a new book and within three days I had typed out 15,000 words and it really shocked me.  I actually said out loud "where did all of that come from???"
  7. So much knowledge online.  You can do online school, you can learn a massive amount of stuff from Khan Academy, you can use LiveMocha to learn a language from someone in another much amazing knowledge at the touch of a mouse these days.
  8. Chocolate chip cookies.  I whipped up a batch yesterday and besides being chocolaty and satisfying, they brought back memories of my grandmother who taught me to bake.
  9. Having hope that we will get a new house here in Las Vegas.  I am very hopeful that our last offer (#14) will be approved.
  10. The fact that I am not having a last minute panic attack over my taxes like others may be doing today.  For the first time in more than ten years we actually got money back so of course I filed our taxes as soon as I could this year instead of putting them off until, um, today, April 15th.
What are you thankful for this week?
p.s. The photo is of Sol Duc Falls in Washington state for lack of any other picture to put here (I've determined the blog looks much better with pictures than without).

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