Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...And Some Useful Information

First of all, Happy Mother's Day!!  And that goes out to all of you who have an impact on a child's life--moms, step moms, foster moms, aunts, concerned neighbors, teachers, and even single dads who are doing the job of both parents.  Here's a nice flower for you...

And some more info:

  • I always check out the 'frugal' sub-reddit which has lots of interesting and useful information (check the side bar on the page too for other great money saving links).
  • From the frugal sub-reddit I saw the reminder that now is an excellent trash picking time as many college students are moving out of their dorms and apartments and heading back home for the summer.  If you live in a college town, you might want to go to the dumpsters at your university and see what the kids have throw out (often lots of great stuff!).
  • Have you checked your credit report lately?  You can get your free credit reports from the major three reporting companies at  (I was reminded of this because our lender just pulled our credit reports for our mortgage loan.  They were fine but he noted that my credit score was low because I don't use credit cards.  I told him that was just the way I wanted it.  Hubby uses his cards on occasion and pays them off each month so his credit scores are better than mine but nothing can get me to go back to using credit!
  • I saw this article and it gave me some interesting business ideas (I have decided that I need to set up some sort of business because I am bored silly doing nothing!).
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I'm kind of a freak about my credit score and I subscribe to a credit monitoring service and I check it a lot. I know! Stop yelling! April I'm freaking out about something. I spent all weekend boxing up stuff to sell at yet another flea market, making a list of bigger things to sell at a later garage sale, bringing stuff to the Salvation Army, throwing stuff away...all in an effort to downsize and make our planned relocation easier and less costly. I started thinking... What if we never live this well again? What if we move and hubby gets a job that doesn't pay well or if he loses it? Or if he can't find a job at all? We desperately want a change, but at the same time we are afraid things won't work out the way we hope. Did you go through a mourning period when you gave up your big house, your old life and all your stuff?

  2. Great questions Lorraine...and the topic of my blog post today!