Friday, May 18, 2012

A Quick Friday Update

Here's what's happening this week...

  • I totally slacked off on my goals.  I completed 20 out of 30 goals but the last ten mostly involve cash (and lots of it) so I will probably try to finish up these goals sometime by the end of summer.
  • Our emergency fund is DOA (which is why I hope I can get  temporary job and fill it back up again).  It seems like during the last couple months it has been one thing after another--dead computer, emergency dental work, car air conditioner gave out (and you really can't drive in Vegas without air conditioning), a bigger chunk of money needed for closing costs than expected...ayayay.  I'm hoping Murphy will go and darken someone else's doorstep for a while.
  • Buying a house these days is way more complicated.  On a happy note, we may be able to close as early as next week, on a bothersome note, it is super complicated to buy a house these days.  The last couple of houses we bought the lender wanted very little in the way of documentation to get the loan.  These days they want a massive amount of documentation so we have been collecting up everything they have asked for which meant waiting at the VA for HOURS just to get a couple of pieces of paper.
  • Sunday there will be a solar eclipse which sounds really cool...I will definitely watch it.
  • I'm going to add some more links to my link list after I get done with this post so head over and check them out (the links are listed newest to oldest).
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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