Saturday, July 28, 2012

10 Things I Am Thinking About This Weekend

In no particular order...

  1. I am slightly worried about hubby.  He has had a few cognitive glitches over the last month which is concerning (he forgot how to spell a common word, we had to argue about the name of a city in the Philippines ...and I was right...and I have never even been to that city(!), he went the wrong way when we were leaving a shopping center than we had been to a hundred times before).  He is seeing his doctor next week so somehow I am going to mention this to her (on a side note, we had great doctors in Seattle for over 20 years but when we moved here our only option was the military hospital in which you get a random doctor each time--the two he has seen so far have been less than impressive).  Other than those incidents he is perfectly fine but still, one too many "senior moments" makes me worry.
  2. We tried to crash DEFCON today.  I really, really, really wanted to attend but it was $200 and I didn't have an extra $200 so I didn't go but today we were driving by and I said "let's just see if we can walk in to the convention area".  So we headed that way but a big guy at the gate told us we couldn't come in without a badge.  Bummer.  Also on a side note, today hubby won in his poker game and handed me $200 of his winnings...a little late but I am sure I will put it to good use.
  3. I'm really really really going to try to go paleo starting August 1st.  I want to be like these guys.  Or all of these guys.
  4. I did a speedtest on my internet and found that I am not getting nearly the speed that I am paying for. (Actually I am only paying $19.95 for the first six months instead of the regular $59.95 but I will complain on Monday nonetheless.  If I was actually paying $59.95 I would be livid).
  5. I went to a free genealogy class last week at the local library.  I love free classes!  I am trying to decide which free genealogy program to use.  Gramps is highly rated but others like Legacy better so I will need to do a bit more research.
  6. Speaking of genealogy, I was doing some research and found that one of my ancestors came to America in 1629.  I swear you can find everything online these days!
  7. I have been trying to walk more but in the summers here the only place to walk is inside and the only "inside" place to walk is in the malls and walking in the malls makes me want to shop :I
  8. Thanks to those of you who donated to help me fill a box of books and school supplies for an elementary school in the Philippines!  I am getting the box tomorrow and have enough things to fill the box about half-way so far.  I hope to get it sent within a couple of weeks (then it will take another six to eight weeks to be delivered by ship).
  9. I have just been lazy the past few days.  No idea why (crappy diet maybe?) but I'm hoping the paleo thing will also restore my energy.
  10. I have been doing some work for my friend in Washington this past week.  While in the midst of a crisis she calls and says "can't you just fly up here NOW???", I have found that tools such as LogMeIn (not to mention Skype/email/etc) let me get A LOT of work done remotely.
Well that's all for my weekend.  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend too!


  1. My friend introduced me to Robb Wolfe in February. I found Whole30 in June. It really works! GO FOR IT!

    Jean - MN

  2. I'm glad you're going to talk to your DH's doctor about this--a lot of people don't say anything.

    Let us know how it goes!

  3. Jean--I checked out the Whole 30 and gave it a try but failed (miserably). I have no willpower but Im hoping to start on the 1st with some basic paleo...hopefully it works this time!
    Pamela--Yep, the hubby always says "everything is fine! Dont worry!" but he would say that if if the world was crashing down on us, so for now, I worry!