Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Things I'm Enthralled With Today

For lack of anything better to chat about this evening...

  1. I decided to use Gramps for my genealogy research.  It's free and supposedly uber-powerful and now I just need to learn how to use it.  I also got the birth and death certificates that I ordered for my mom today which was a bit surreal.
  2. I picked up a knife to use today and was...enthralled.  My sister-in-law just moved to Florida and when she was cleaning out her house she was nice enough to send us a big box of cooking things because she knows hubby likes to cook.  Turns out the knife was a $100 knife...I don't think I've every used a $100 knife before.  Wow!
  3. I'm trying to psych myself up to do the Whole30.  As you know I have crappy willpower but I think if I could hang with this program for a month it would totally and completely change my health.
  4. I was bored today so I whipped up a new website for a client using an awesome template I found here. The difference between coding a website from scratch and using a template is (for me) days.
  5. Reddit.  Actually there are about a dozen subreddits I frequent like r/frugal and r/webdesign. I am always enthralled by reddit.  Warning: reddit can be addictive and it is a huge time waster!
  6. I was fiending for my favorite ice cream today which you can only find in the Pacific Northwest.  Their Espresso Madness is truly divine.  I settled for a bland store brand :(
  7. I read this article today and was wistful for our days of freely traveling.  It seems odd that we get mail every day (we got a mail delivery once a month when we were traveling).  Unfortunately most of our mail now is house/utility bills (something I definitely miss as we didn't get any bills at all while we were traveling!).
  8. I want to volunteer somewhere.  I love helping people but I haven't done so in ages so I am considering volunteering at a school, at the library, or at the hospital.  For a brief moment I considered starting another non-profit but just as quickly dismissed that idea--I don't want to do THAT MUCH work.
  9. I am reading one of Julia Quinn's novels and am totally enthralled by her writing style!
  10. I was enthralled to learn--today in fact--that there is a mountainous area nearby complete with trees and waterfalls.  Who knew?  We will be checking this out soon!

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  1. Thanks for the link to Gramps. I've never heard of it but I've been back and forth working on genealogy and this may come in handy. I've only worked with so this is great!