Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This is Why You Should Shop at the Goodwill

It's (senior) Wednesday so of course we hit up the Goodwill this morning.  Thankfully our house is almost completely decorated so there isn't much more we need to buy but I was happy to find a big picture I can put on the last bare wall in our bedroom.  The point of this post, however, isn't about this particular picture but about shopping at the Goodwill.
While for most of you, I am preaching to the choir, but there may be a few people who still think that shopping at a thrift store is...icky...for lack of a better word.  A few years ago I thought that shopping at thrift stores was icky.  I had been in those types of stores a couple of times but I'm sure I made a sour face and walked out pretty quickly because the stuff was old and used and there is a certain odor that permeates the store and it doesn't smell like Macys.  Then a couple years back I decided to take the plunge.  They had just opened a new Goodwill store by our house.  It was light, bright, and, frankly, the number of BMWs and Mercedes' in the parking lot was a bit surprising.  So I went in, found some amazing deals on clothes that looked practically new, and became an instant convert.
When we finally moved into our house last month it was a given that we would shop at the Goodwill before looking anywhere else for home decor, dishes, and other things needed for our house (we had sold nearly all of our things before we headed off to travel so after moving our meager possessions into our house we needed to fill in the blank spaces).  To date we have been able to decorate our house nearly entirely from the Goodwill.  Needless to say this has saved us a boatload of money.
Case in point...
Isn't this a pretty picture?  It's huge and heavy and fits the decor just perfectly in our bedroom.

And here you can (kind of) see the back of the picture.  If you can't see it well, the price tag from the store that someone purchased it at says $99.00.  At the top right, the Goodwill price tag says $24.99.  Add in the fact that it is half-off day for seniors and we paid a grand total of $12.50 for this picture!  I love the Goodwill!


  1. April, that's a really nice picture! What a great find at a great price! I too am always amazed at the expensive cars I see in the parking lot of the Salvation Army on 50% off clothes day. Now that you have all your furnishings, you can start shopping to resell and make some money. (wink wink). ;)

  2. You can get some great deals at thrift stores. I have a couple of sweaters made by Talbot's that I got for under a $1 each!

  3. Lorraine, I really need to start reselling like you do. Of course I would have to be at the thrift store early...we usually get there about a half hour after opening and the professional shoppers have already been through there like a whirlwind!
    Pamela, The hubby is a recent convert to buying clothes at the Goodwill after finding a half dozen Hollister and REI t-shirts for around a dollar!