Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm Loving Senior Discounts!

Well actually I am not getting the discounts as I am not quite a senior yet (mind you, I am not complaining about that), but hubby is a senior so everywhere we go I always ask for a senior discount.  Here are the senior discounts we most often receive:

  • At the movies today I paid the $7 matinee price and hubby paid the $4 senior matinee price (one theater here has senior discounts any time before 4pm Monday thru Friday while other theaters only have one day a week in which they offer reduced prices for seniors).
  • At the buffets hubby always gets a senior discount.
  • Nearly all of the casinos in Las Vegas have special "senior days" or special discounts for seniors (for everything from buffets to bingo packs to drawings for seniors to slot machine or blackjack tournaments for seniors only).
  • I remember my grandmother used to get a discount on her property taxes when she became a senior. I am going to check this out with our local auditor's office.
  • Whenever we book a cruise or even an airline ticket I always ask if there is a senior discount available.  Ditto for hotel and rental car discounts.  Amtrak also has special senior rail passes.
  • My insurance agent said that if hubby takes a senior driving course he will be eligible for a discount on his car insurance which I am going to look into.
  • I always ask at stores if they have special discounts for seniors and most of them do.  For example, we always take advantage of half off day for seniors on Wednesdays at the Goodwill and 10% off at Ross on Tuesdays for seniors.
  • Hubby paid only $10 for a lifetime membership card for entry into all of the national parks in the US.  There are often similar discounts at state parks as well as senior discounts for fishing and hunting licenses.
  • When we visit attractions I always ask for a locals discount (for me, in Las Vegas) and a senior discount (everywhere, for hubby).  This works nearly everywhere from museums to performing arts events to community event entry fees.
  • Usually I try to use coupons at Great Clips (where we get our hair cut) but if I don't have coupons I always ask for a senior discount for hubby (coupon prices are usually less than the senior price).
  • I have heard that some cell phone companies offer discounts for seniors who do not use many cell minutes but I haven't checked this out yet.
  • Many sport and recreation places offer discounts for seniors such as bowling centers and golf courses (many bowling centers here only charge seniors $1 per game!).  Ditto for health club packages for seniors and health spas too!
  • Also around Vegas are a number of senior-only groups which offer cheaper ways to enjoy activities such as this hiking club, this international tour group, and these college classes (actually many universities and colleges offer discounts for seniors).
  • Some other places that offer senior discounts (but which I haven't checked out yet) include: discounts for pet grooming, discounts on prescription, discounted checking services at banks, etc. 

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  1. Those are some awesome discounts!!! I want some ;(