Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

It's a pretty quiet day today.  We were going to head over to a new farmer's market but by the time we got out of the house it was noon and already a little over 100 degrees outside (at which point hubby decided there was no way he was going to walk around outside).  So we ended up picking up a few groceries then heading back home.  Other things I did today:

  • I changed all of my email and other online passwords (I have been meaning to do this for ages but never got around to it).
  • I backed up all of my files on a thumb drive (again, when I was working I would back up my files religiously every week because there was so much work I didn't want to lose but since I am not working I get a bit lazy so it has been a while since I did this).
  • I watched a couple of TED talks.  These are sooo fascinating.
  • I decided to do my genealogy research one person at a time.  Each day I research someone new and today it was my grandfather's turn.  I have already sent for his birth and death certificates and today was able to gather most of the information for his file.  Note that when I began researching my family genealogy I had NO IDEA he had been married before (I found his marriage certificate to another woman prior to marrying my grandmother).  For decades no one even mentioned this!  I was shocked!!
  • I am still doing Paleo.  I haven't had a grain in three days.  But I did decided to add back dairy because it is practically my favorite food group and a bit of cheese and a teeny tiny milkshake is keeping me from totally failing.  I will try to be grain free for the rest of the month just to see if there is any change in my body from going without it for a month.
Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I feel best on Paleo, but find I need to add in some GF carbs to keep my weight up or else I get far too thin. I'm interested to hear how you do after a month!! :)

  2. Have you tried South Beach? It's a cardiologist(safe & healthy) version of the Atkins diet (which is now mainstream too)--mainly, it's low-fat or healthy-fat proteins (meat/eggs, nuts, legumes) and Veggies for 10 days to detox, then a little bit of dairy and whole grains...I like it, but it's HARD to avoid sugars and grains and dairy for those first 10 days!

  3. Ive heard of South Beach, an dof course paleo is supposed to be great, I just have NO all!