Saturday, August 4, 2012

Repurposing...And Five Other Things

We were out and about yesterday and I really needed a purse (well need might be too strong a word, people don't really NEED purses).  First we went to my favorite purse store, the Coach outlet.  $150 for a purse...on sale?!  Uh, no.  Then we went to my second favorite purse shop, LeSportsac.  It was a little better at $59 for a cute purse, but again, no.  Then we were at Ross and I saw this iPad bag for $8.99 and I grabbed it.  I thought it would make a cute purse and for such a cheap price, I simply cut the little handles off of it, added the shoulder strap, and "ta da" repurposed as a purse!
And five more things from today...

  1. The paleo diet is off.  We were at a dim sum place today and my protein choices rolled by.  They were basically pork things (I don't eat pork), chicken feet (, and tripe (ditto).  Then shrimp wrapped in rice noodles rolled by and I grabbed it.  End of diet.  I will still try to avoid gluten so I guess rice is OK.  Someone remind me, the next time I talk about any sort of diet, that I have absolutely no will power and dieting is an exercise in futility!
  2. We might have saved a man's life today.  After we left the dim sum place we got into our car then noticed that the guy parked next to us was slumped over the steering wheel with his car still running.  We tried knocking on his window but he was unresponsive so we called casino security and they showed up.  Then we left so we don't know what happened to the guy but I do know that you can't sleep in your car in Las Vegas in the summer--it's more than 100 degrees outside!
  3. I need an iPad or similar device (actually I am lusting over the Samsung Galazy 7" tab).  This may be a real need as we are often out all day and I don't have internet access at the casinos hubby plays poker at and an iPad would come in very handy to do my blogging and social media stuff.  I guess I better get to writing because an iPad isn't a necessity so it isn't coming out of our emergency fund.
  4. We noticed a scam of sorts.  Our last couple of guests left us "free" tickets to a Vegas show.  We went to claim the tickets today in hopes of going to a show this afternoon and were told that all of the free tickets were gone but we could "upgrade" for an extra $10 or $20.  We asked when the next show would be that we could get the free tickets for and the guy said next Tuesday.  Of course we took them but then we figured that the average tourist would have got these vouchers (much like our guests did) and they would have probably been told that they couldn't use them until the following week and since they were here for usually a weekend or so, they would have probably just paid the fee so the tickets wouldn't go to waste. Hmmm
  5. I am so tired of political attack ads.  Someone make them stop!
p.s.  Sorry if there are any typos.  Sometimes I read over previous posts and it looks like I proof read them in my sleep! Yikes!


  1. My apologies for Dim Sum ruining your diet attempts (I'm Chinese)...and I have no willpower when it comes to food, esp. Chinese food!! Pork is huge and in everything, it seems, and Noodles, Steamed buns, flaky egg I'm hungry!

    I enjoy your blog!

  2. I hope that poor man was ok!! :(

  3. LOL don't apologize for dim sum...I could live on that stuff! (p.s. Harbor House is my favorite place for dim sum in Seattle).
    Carla, I hope so too. There were a half dozen security guards surrounding his car so we just decided to leave and get out of their way. I kind of think we should have stayed to watch!