Saturday, July 14, 2012

10 Things I Did Today

It's been a relaxing yet productive weekend so far...

  1. I made yogurt (so simple i don't know why everyone doesn't make their own yogurt).
  2. I also made granola (ditto).
  3. We checked out the final weekend of the World Series of Poker.  There are only a couple of hundred  people left (out of 6000+ who started) and the winner will get over $8 million dollars.  Sadly hubby didn't make it into the tournament.
  4. We went to the mall (just to walk which I realized when my friend was here that I needed to do more of) and I came away with a mini skirt and a silk top.  Each were $5 on a clearance table!  I told you my wardrobe is hideous so I am making small efforts to change it.
  5. I decided I will be rich.  A longer post on this will come later but basically I realized that frugal is good but having money gives you a lot more experiences and a lot more interesting options in your life.
  6. I got another "reservation" from a family member for a vacation at our place for her and her family.  Mostly I am surprised because no one came to visit us in Seattle and now everyone wants to visit! (I'm beginning it isn't us they want to visit but the city...).
  7. I Googled the reason that my nose feels like someone punched me this morning.  I may have a sinus infection.  If it doesn't clear in a day or two I will cart myself to the doctor.
  8. We picked up a carry-out special from Dominos Pizza because we were too lazy to cook.  It was $6.50 for a large pizza which will actually make two meals so that is still pretty frugal.
  9. I read these interesting articles online:   article 1   article 2   article 3
  10. I've been hammering away at my genealogy project.  The internet is SOOO crazy useful for this!  Some nice person put eight generations of one part of my family tree online (my third great grandmother was Rachel Barney).
I hope you are having a nice (and not overly hot) weekend!
p.s. Above is a picture from the Bellagio Conservatory.


  1. My mom used yo make yogurt all the time... I wish I coud eat yogurt. It's sooo good! I shoud try it again... shouldn't kill me, just may hurt. lol!

  2. Great prices on new clothing, you have to love buying new silk for thrift store prices

  3. What would we do without the internet! I'm putting you back on my blogroll by the way, although I thought I had you there before. Im looking forward to your "getting rich" since I dont want to get rich but definitely want to increase in the income area.

  4. You decided to be rich and cut the frugal melee'? Must be an epidemic. Welcome to the club. or as I renamed it: Le Club. Oui?