Monday, July 16, 2012

Revamping and Revising, Links, and Yes, I Want to Be Rich

I'm on an organizing kick so I have revamped and revised some of my blogs...followed by some links...followed by an explanation about getting rich...

  • First, I deleted the excess pages on this blog (quick tips, links, and my bucket list) because I think it is more pertinent to post what is going on now, now.  So when I come across a good link, I will just post it in a post because usually the links are timely and deserve your attention now and plus this way you won't have to go hunting through the blog to find the links I want to share with you.
  • I changed my other blog around a bit and decided to make a separate blog about Las Vegas because there is so much to blog about here plus I think it will generate a better income stream with a more concise topic instead of all of the ramblings I post in my other blog.  Of course in this blog you are reading now I will still post a little bit of everything, mostly related to money.  Here's a link to the Vegas Blog

Here's some links I want to share with you:

And finally, I have decided that I should like to be rich and will make every effort to become so.  It was kind of a light bulb moment for me.  While being frugal and careful with my money and staying debt free has allowed me to basically vegetate to my heart's content, it also tends to leave me with little money and lots of time.  Then I thought that with more money (while still being frugal and still using cash only) I would be able to do so much more for myself and for others.  Plus this is a pretty optimal time to make such an effort since I have good health, lots of time, no kids or others at home to take care of, and bunches of ideas floating around in my head.  So while the term "rich" is really based on each person's circumstances, I basically want to do things that will bring in a fairly hefty income which will allow me to give to those in need, pay for big ticket items like travel for me and the hubby as well as the occasional family reunion for all of the kids and grandkids, attend community events (there is a hacker convention coming up that I am dying to attend...which happens to cost $200), help friends in need (if I could afford to send some movers to help my friend in Seattle right now I would gladly do it), and write a check to buy a car in full and with cash (it has always been a dream of mine to walk into a dealership, pick out the nice new car I want, and pay cash for it...but so far this is still a dream).
The bottom line is that I will still come up with as many ways to save and stretch my money as possible, but I also want to figure out how to bring in as much money as possible (and somehow without a "regular" job...just the thought of which makes me shudder).  This should be an interesting challenge.


  1. My lifelong goal. Bring in money without putting out time and energy in a regular job. Can't wait to read how it goes!

  2. Paying for a car with cash...I've had that fantasy too! I've always thought that being rich, but nobody knowing it, would be really cool. I like to think that whoever puts the gold coin the the Salvation Army bucket every year is that kind of person.

  3. I wouldn't mind being rich--I just would mind "living" rich, if that makes any sense!

  4. Gillie--mine too. I love to work just don't want to work in a regular job (with a boss, time clock, HR office, etc).
    Lorraine--Me too...I've always wanted to hand out $100 bills randomly to people who looked like they could use it.
    Pamela--That does make sense. I don't want a big house or a jet or anything, I just want a lot of cash to be able to do what I want (travel, give it away) on a moments notice without having to budget and save for everything!