Wednesday, August 8, 2012

All About Cell Phones

I came across this article a couple of days ago and it really made sense.  In fact both the hubby and I cancelled our expensive contract cell phones/plan and instead bought our own unlocked basic cell phones from Amazon which we now use with a TMobile pre-paid cell phone plan.  The plan is pretty cheap--$30 each for 1500 talk minutes/texts and internet access--which is basically all we need.  I just noticed that Walmart has a similar plan for TMobile with $30 for 100 talk minutes plus unlimited texts and unlimited internet which I may be switching to.
I really can't understand how people can pay over $100 a month for their cell phone plans!  Yes, you get a bright, shiny phone (like a new iPhone or new Android phone), plus with an unlimited plan you can watch movies and stream music till your heart's content, but who wants to watch a movie on a 3" screen??  And many of the people I see with these phones look like they can barely afford such an expensive monthly bill.
I guess it comes down to what's important to you (for me it's saving money, for others it may be always-on phone and internet access) and what you can afford (well, it should be based on what you can afford but as I said above I don't think some people consider this).
In my case, a few months ago I had switched to a nice, new Android phone but I felt the $50 monthly fee was too high (I usually have my computer with me and internet access anyway so this wasn't absolutely necessary with a cell phone) and I noticed that like many other people I would be glued to my cell phone constantly, jumping every time an email dinged or a Facebook post was made by a friend, and ignoring the hubby and anyone else who was with me which wasn't very nice.  So I went back to my basic cell phone and basic pre-paid plan and sold my new Android phone on CraigsList for a $50 loss :(
Now--ever the tech lover--I am really thinking about going back to a smart phone because of the $30 Walmart monthly plan.  I really don't talk on the phone too much, preferring instead to text or send Twitter/email messages, so I would be paying the same price (except for, of course, buying the smart phone for about $200) and getting a better plan.  I was also thinking about keeping the phone and pre-paid plan I have now but getting a Samsung Galaxy 7" tab and a $25 a month pre-paid broadband plan for it (which would total $55 a month for phone/internet service).  My logic for this is that I would have internet access everywhere and since the tablet is bigger than a cell phone I could even blog and read books on it (plus I would have to actually open it to get any messages so I wouldn't be tempted to "answer" every time a social media message comes in).  Of course the hubby just rolls his eyes but I can't help it--I love tech stuff!


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