Friday, September 21, 2012

20 Ways to Be a Rockstar

I just sent off for the review print of my book and can hardly wait to receive it--an actual book with my name on it!  So I am feeling a bit like a rockstar, not because I think the book will make me famous but because I can't believe I followed through, from beginning to end, on such a big project.  Which got me to thinking that everyone has a "rockstar" inside of them, you simply need to let it out.  And I think part of the secret is to not actually aim for being a rockstar but to do something you love so much (and do it in a big/public/audacious way) so that it won't matter if you become rich and famous from doing it--you will be happy that you actually even did it.  Here's 20 ways that other people have become "rockstars" by doing things they loved in a big, public way.  And yes it needs to be public because no one is going to know that you are an amazing writer if no one other than your mother reads what you write and no one is going to know that you are an amazing singer if you only sing in the shower.

  1. Go on a reality show like Carrie Underwood did (here's one of her videos; warning it's really sad!).
  2. Make a video and post in on YouTube.  Charice and Justin Bieber did and it changed their lives dramatically.
  3. Write a book and publish it yourself.  Amanda Hocking did and she is now a well respected, best selling author.
  4. Or you can blog about your passion (which helps many other people learn to live their passion) and become a rockstar in your own right, like Chris did.
  5. You can also set a big, fat, hairy challenge for yourself...and complete it.  And turn it into your life's work like this family did.
  6. You can see a problem that needs to be fixed, dive in, work tirelessly, and pretty soon you may have a huge non profit that help thousands and thousands of people come out of it.
  7. Or you can take a personal problem (cellulite in this instance), find a way to fix it (actually hide it), and turn into an "overnight" billionaire (especially when you can fix the same problem for millions of other people).
  8. You can set a big money goal--something that most people would give up on before even starting--then bust ass to reach it.  This can change your life.
  9. You can see what "everyone" is doing then do the opposite, like Dave did, and he become a personal finance rockstar.
  10. You can use your genius to create a huge success story for yourself (and help millions and millions of people in the process) like Bill, Mark, and Steve did.
  11. You can throw in the towel, in a unique and never been done before way, and reap the rewards like Ian Usher did.
  12. You can turn a hobby into a successful business like this lady did.
  13. Or you can pick one of your random, completely off the wall ideas and turn it into a book or a movie.
  14. One of the themes that seems to run through all rockstars is that they set goals then go out and do something about them, like these guys.
  15. They don't wait until the "right" time (ie: stop making excuses that you are too old or too young or too poor or too busy or the myriad other excuses you would use to stop your dreams in its tracks).
  16. And they don't wait for the "proper" credentials, they just go and do (well, unless you want to be a doctor or lawyer or other professional that requires actual credentials).
  17. They also take some risks--both financial and personal--to achieve their dreams.
  18. And they push through fear to achieve their goals like this lady did.
  19. One of the biggest barriers to becoming a rockstar is changing your habits (after all if you keep doing what you're doing, you will keep getting what you are getting).
  20. Another barrier is people thinking that you are crazy for not being "normal" (for most people "normal" means you are fat, broke, up to your elbows in debt, and living a life of quiet desperation...don't be normal!!).
So the Reader's Digest version of this post is: go out and DO something; take risks, push through your fears, don't follow the crowd but follow your own drummer, ignore what your pessimistic mind and others tell you when it comes to "that can't be done", and live your passion.  Go!  Go now and start!

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