Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Late Night Rant

I am livid!  Hubby was checking his Visa Debit card to make sure that a credit he was expecting back on the card posted and he noticed two charges that posted to the account today that were made on a military base in Okinawa Japan.  We aren't in Okinawa Japan.  We don't know anyone in Okinawa Japan.  So we called up the bank and they said it was no big deal, just fill out a fraud report and the money--only about $40--would be credited back to the account.  Apparently this sort of thing happens all the time according to the lady at the bank.  But never to us.  So we filled out the form, his card was cancelled, and the bank will be giving him a new card and a new account number but I am appalled that someone--a military member no less because the charge was made in the Exchange store so you have to show your military ID to make  apurchase--would steal someones credit card and use it.  OMG what is this world coming to???  I asked the lady in the fraud department how this could have happened (she said there were dozens and dozens of ways this happens) and how we could have prevented it (she said when she finds out she will write a book but so far there really is no way to prevent this sort of theft from happening).  Ggrrrrr


  1. The bank kinda strong armed me into getting a debit card. They said it's like an ID and makes transactions easier for the teller. Yeah, right. It's filed away and only comes out if I need to cash a check. This kind of thing scares the crap out of me because it opens a vein to your savings or checking account. I hope you get your money back soon!

  2. Exactly. We were so shocked because the card is still in hubby's wallet so if he hadn't been checking his account online I am guessing the person would have probably went out and bought a MacBook today or something!

  3. This happened to me not too long ago. My debit card was expiring and I received my new one in the mail. A couple of days later I was checking my transactions online (like I do everyday) and there was a .01 charge to some company I'd never heard of. I had to go through what you did as far as cancelling my card and getting another new one. Guess the thieves test it for a small amount to see if it will go through and then either use it or sell the card info (most common, I guess). How they got it in the first place one will never know.