Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Compendium of Stuff

A bunch of stuff today in no particular order...

>>>Some great links:
>>>Can you help??  I wrote a grant for my old non-profit (which is really a wonderful organization that does great work in the community and which, unfortunately, like many non profits, is perpetually broke) and I thought that would be the end of it then I found out that while we made the top six, we would have to get people to vote for us to get us into the top three which would get the grant money.  So if you can, please go here and vote for the Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center (sorry about the clunky voter interface...I didn't design it).

>>>Hubby and I are suffering from a bit of newish car envy.  Our neighbors recently put their five year old, nice looking SUV up for sale for only $5000.  Hubby and I both admired the car and and thought that it would be really nice to have a good looking newer car.  And we could probably swing it (pay the $5000 out of savings then sell our old, trusty van for around $3000 and replenish some of the money in savings) but then we looked at the down side (higher registration costs, higher insurance costs, not knowing if or what mechanical problems it might have, plus the biggie--the loss of $2000 from our savings) and decided against it.  Oh well, I am sure another good opportunity to buy a car will come up when we are better prepared for it.

>>>Our Japanese visitors made it to California where they are enjoying the beaches and the sunshine (warm sunshine as opposed to the roasting sunshine we had in Vegas).  That's them in the picture above.

>>>The book I am working on is basically done.  Now I need to set up a website for it and hit up CreateSpace to get it published (for some odd reason I am a bit freaked out about actually publishing it).  But then I watched this video again of Megan unwrapping her newly published book and thought, that is going to be me soon and I can't wait to be that excited.  So most of today will be spent figuring out how CreateSpace works.

>>>We are getting our wills, living wills, and medical power of attorney done next week.  This is important because we haven't updated our wills in years and since we moved to a new state and bought a new house, I figured we should probably get these things updated ASAP.  Fortunately there is no charge to do this at the military base.  Interestingly, now (as opposed to before) they email you a form to fill out online with all of the info that goes into the documents then when you get to the office all you have to do is basically sign them.

...off now to work on my book :)

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