Monday, September 3, 2012

What's Important to You?

You should live your life according to what is important to you personally.  I had never really given it much thought but it makes sense that I should know what is important to me so decision making would be easier, deciding what things I do and don't do would be easier, and even making simple, everyday choices would be easier.
After a bit of thought I made up a list of things that are important to me which I will then be able to use when doing everything from weighing decisions to deciding what kind of purse to buy.  It should also make financial decisions easier as well.
Here are the things that are important to me:

  1. Not having a regular job.  Don't get me wrong, I love to work, I just hate the idea of a name tag and a time clock and office politics.
  2. Writing.  Writing is super important to me.  I do it every day.  Now I need to focus my efforts on productive writing.
  3. Not having debt.  Also super important.  Any time I think I need a brand new expensive thing (car, $500 cell phone, trip to Asia this minute before I have the money saved for it) I remind myself that not having debt makes my life infinitely better.
  4. Having as few bills as possible.  I hate bills but with a house, you get utility bills and with a "traditional" instead of nomadic life you get even more bills.  I still look at our bills each month and wonder if there are ways to cut any of them out.
  5. Having a welcoming home and lots of guests.  I have loved having people visit us since we moved to Las Vegas so this is something that is important to me.
  6. Having minimal possessions.  This is a bit difficult when living with a packrat (*cough* hubby) but I am continually trying to streamline our possessions and not bring anything new into our house unless it is absolutely necessary.
  7. Traveling.  I love to travel.  I also need to generate more income so I can afford to do this.
  8. Having a great relationship with the hubby.  He is awesome and I am so grateful that I have him (note that having been together for 26 years there have been some bumps in the road but I am very happy that we have settled down to being a "boring old married couple").
  9. Having quality possessions.  I may not want to have a lot of possessions but I do want the things I have to be of high quality.
  10. Having money in savings.  This is important to me but since buying the house, our emergency fund has been quite anemic so I need to make some effort to fill this account back up.
  11. Helping people when I can.  The wording is important here.  I have always liked helping people but I have found that I am less than enthusiastic to help ALL people ALL the time, especially in a bureaucratically controlled way.  Now I drift through life helping people as needed and as I can instead of trying to fix everyone.
  12. Excellent health.  I say this is important yet I often don't make the effort to do things that will improve my health.  So I need to start doing this; my older self will thank me.
  13. Excellent physical fitness.  Ditto.
  14. Being unique.  I like being unique but I often careen between following the crowd and just being me.  So I have decided to be unique.  This means I will no longer force myself to buy Nikes when I would rather have funky Easy Spirit shoes and I will no longer think I should buy a Coach purse because it is cool when I would really rather have a LeSportsac purse because it is cute.
  15. Being an amateur genealogist.  I love this hobby, I just need to spend more time doing it (and money, unfortunately).
  16. Paying bills annually.  Like I said, I don't like bills so I would like to get to the point where we have saved the money which will allow many, if not most, of our bills to be paid annually (or if this isn't possible, at least the money will be in savings so the cash is there to pay a year's worth of the water, sewer, garbage, etc bills as they come in each month).
  17. Lots of new experiences.  I have always loved new things.  New places, new experiences, new challenges, etc. so I will continue to look for new and interesting things to do and experience.     
  18. Being creative.  I love to be creative but again, I need to remind myself that I am more creative (writing, web design) than crafty (sewing, etc).  In fact, I have yet to use the (very cool) sewing machine I bought a few months ago.  So I need to learn my limits.
  19. Being organized.  This is easy.  I am always organized ALL the time.  I've lost count of how many people have asked us if our house is always so clean.  Yes it is.  I detest clutter and everything has to be in its place (fortunately hubby and I are the same on this point).
  20. Being a person of good character.  I'm trying to improve.  I still over promise when I should just say no sometimes.   


  1. Love your list!! You're a wise woman! :)

  2. I really like your blog, but I'm kind of wondering about item #3. Didn't you just take out a mortgage to buy your new house?

  3. Thanks Carla. And yes, we did take out a mortgage which is a big debt but considering hubby is 63, saving for the house would be pretty much out of the question. Everything else, however, gets saved for which includes cars, travel, and all of the other things we would have taken out a loan for only a few years back.

  4. O.K., right, I understand about the mortgage. I hope you can save enough for your Asia trip soon. Airfares are so expensive! I'm supposed to go to Thailand in December, but the cheapest fare is $1,900, which seems kind of ridiculous.

  5. Great list! I love #14. Most people are afraid of being unique. They want to fit into some kind of category. Re #19, I thought I was organized, but you have me beat by a mile! About having a real job, well, I'm back at mine and I really don't like it (my feet don't like it either!). I prefer my at-home Ebay job much better. If I can kick that up a few notches, I just might quit my "real" job.