Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Clever Hubby Trick...And Other Stuff

I have a habit of ripping paper towels right down the middle so I only use half of it.  This instantly saves money by giving me double the amount of paper towels in the roll, but when you look for these "halved" paper towels in the store, they cost a lot more than your basic paper towel, thus negating any savings that could be had.  Hubby saw me doing this the other day and the next time I came into the kitchen I noticed he had taken a big, sharp knife and cut the entire roll in half down to the cardboard tube (don't cut the tube or it won't hang on the roller!).  Clever huh?

And some other stuff:

  • I'm in the middle of remaking all of my websites with WordPress.  I'm kind of getting the hang of it and while I think I can create better looking sites with my (expensive) web design software, I think WordPress will be better because it is free (important), and it is web-based meaning I don't need to have the software on my laptop (when I travel I want to bring only a smartphone or iPad-like device with me so I will be able to update my websites on the fly with a WordPress app).  Hopefully my design skills will get better with practice!
  • This is the first story I read online this morning and it really made me want to sell our house and everything in it--again--and hit the road!
  • I'm annoyed with our HOA.  I've never lived in a place with a HOA before but it seems quite common here in Vegas as it looks like the city/county has turned over their responsibilities to these associations (no idea why).  Anyway, the HOA management company keeps sending me the bill for our monthly HOA fee on the 27th of the month but payment is due on the 30th.  So for the last four months I have been calling them and asking them to send the bill to me with a reasonable amount of turn around time and they don't seem to want to.  As of yesterday, the office wouldn't even give me the name and contact info for the HOA president or tell me when and where the next HOA meeting is!  So now I am annoyed and I will escalate this to the county's HOA ombudsman.  If this doesn't work, I will call a local TV station's consumer reporter and get them to add this place the their "HOA Hall of Shame".  Can you tell I'm annoyed?
  • Other than that, Las Vegas in the fall is awesome.  While my friends in Seattle are enjoying weather that is 40 degrees and raining, it is a perfect 80 degrees and sunny here.
  • I haven't got a call back about any of the job applications I have put in.  I fear that I am unemployable.  I may need to start my own business again but I really didn't want to do that much work :I
  • Instead of spending $20 on a haircut, I am trying to talk hubby into doing it (he is artistic and creative and I know he could do it).  So far he is refusing.  I'll let you know if he changes his mind :)


  1. love that couple I would love to take a RV and travel around North America.


  2. My exbf cut my hair. He is still around to help me with things I cannot do until I have several surgeries. Here is the story of my haircut. Maybe it will inspire your husband.