Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Thursday...An Update

I think I need a catchier headline but anyway...

  • I'm loving WordPress.  I had tried it before and didn't like it because the interface was all clunky.  I am happy to report that it now works so well and is so streamlined (although I have had to flex my coding muscles a bit in order to tweak thing) that I have remade six of my eight websites.  I will get the last two remade by this weekend.
  • I voted!  Did you?  I have never voted in person since Washington does a vote-by-mail thing but we were driving by an early voting station and the line was short so I decided to drop in an do my civic duty.  I'm so looking forward to the day that all of the horrible political attack ads go away.
  • On the money front: hubby and I have been staying home two days a week.  He putters and I work on my blogs and websites and this is saving us a lot of gas each week!  Also, now that it is getting cooler, our electricity bill is dropping dramatically.  Our bill dropped from $150 a month during the summer to $90 for our last bill.  Hubby is still dutifully recording our electricity usage each day and we have dropped from 50 kwh to about 12 kwh a day since we aren't using air conditioning any more. Yeah!
  • On the job front:  I got an email from the library which said that after reviewing my application I was not chosen for the interview process.  I'm kind of bummed but it is probably a sign that I need to come up with something better in order to earn an income (and really, punching a clock gives my hives).
  • In weird news: one of my sisters texted me this morning and said 'call me--I just talked to mom'.  Considering my mom died over ten years ago, that got my attention and so I called her right back.  Turns out she found a psychic online and paid her $90 for a phone reading.  I think I know what my next business might be...

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  1. My BFF went to see a psychic too... I could have saved her the $$$ and laid piles of lies on her instead! lol!!