Friday, October 19, 2012

Earning Money...The Saga

I applied for another job today.  I think I have applied for about eight jobs in total since we have been in Las Vegas and I have yet to get a call back.  Prior to today I wasn't really keen on getting a job anyway and hubby said not to bother because we were fine with just his income but while we are fine on his income, it doesn't give us any extra money.  And since I have four major goals for 2013 (going on a cruise, riding my bike from Canada to Mexico, going to the UK, and going to Asia), I need to do something to earn extra money.
I don't really want to start a full-time business but on the other hand, I am only doing a little freelance work now which doesn't bring in much money so I decided that the fastest way to generate the cash needed to buy cruise and airline tickets was to get a job.  Hopefully someone will call me!
I want to work as much as possible for the next six to eight months so that I will be able to save everything I earn for our travel.  What I don't want to do is get a job and instantly inflate my lifestyle (like buying a lot of clothes, getting a fancy new cell phone, or {{horrors}} deciding that I really need to get a new car) which I am a little afraid of because, well, stuff like that happens when you suddenly have extra money.
Hopefully since I am so intensely focused on achieving these goals, however, I will be able to grow a giant savings account instead of squandering my money!
Some other things I have been thinking about:


  1. I hope you find something great!

  2. If you do jobs that don't have pressure for you to appear wealthy, and you keep your goals in mind, you'll do fine. You went from spendthrift to thrifty frugalista and were able to dig your way out of debt and buy a home. I'm confident this will be a cakewalk for you. :)