Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thanks to the Internet I Don't Need to Leave My House

The hubby and I decided to stay home today instead of going out to his usual haunt (the poker room) and my usual haunt (the library).  While we did stay home, I was able to accomplish a lot of errands just by using my computer!

  • I downloaded a free ebook from the library.
  • I scanned and deposited a check from a client into my bank account.
  • I was able to pay the car insurance, internet, and trash bills online.
  • I updated one of my blogs and even added some Adsense links to it (those fractions of a cent add up!).
  • I noticed that the letters were wearing off my computer so I contacted HP's warranty department via online chat and they are sending me a free replacement keyboard.
  • I followed the presidential debate both on TV and online (Twitter, CNN, and Reddit).
  • I talked to a couple of friends on FaceBook (I hardly ever talk on the phone any more).
  • I made my own vinaigrette dressing for my salad thanks to a recipe I just looked up online.
It's amazing how many things we don't need to "go and do" any more because of the internet!


  1. I love homemade dressing ! I can't do the bottled stuff anymore, just doesn't compare. Sounds like a great day ! :)

  2. I love being able to do so many things on the internet. I think it's wonderful, but I do worry about a "grid going down" apocalypse type of event occurring. I've been watching that new series called Revolution where the electricity has been off for 15 years and how things evolved (or devolved) after that. The story has lots of holes in it, but it's entertaining and it really does make you stop and think about how much we rely on cell phones, computers, cars and electricity.

  3. I like days like that! Re: the comment above, I am also thankful for the power grid!