Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Goals for 2013

Yes I know I'm getting an early start but you know how I am with goals.  In light of my previous achievement with goals (or lack thereof) I have decided that I will only have four goals for 2013.  I think having many fewer goals will allow me to really concentrate on achieving each one.  The difficult part is that each goal will require a serious outlay of money so in addition to making each goal a reality, I am going to have to really work on getting the cash together to achieve these goals!  Here's my (really short) list of goals:

  • January or February: go on a cruise.  We haven't been on a cruise in ages plus it is hubby's birthday in February so this would be a really good present.  Fortunately this is also a really cheap time to go on a cruise since it is kind of the "dead season" right after the holidays and before spring break.  I'm not sure where we will go since I will choose the cruise based on the lowest price and see where we end up (we once went on an 11 day cruise in Hawaii for $250 which was an amazing trip and amazingly inexpensive...of course it happened to be during typhoon season in the South Pacific but that only added to the adventure!).
  • June or July: bike from Canada to Mexico.  This has been on my goal list for ages and I finally want to focus on accomplishing it.  I should be able to accomplish this in a month and hubby will drive the route (no way is he getting on a bike he said) and be my "sag wagon" which will make the ride easier and faster since I won't be hauling my own gear.
  • September: go to the UK.  I have been wanting to go to the UK for AGES but for some reason we always end up in Asia.  This year I want to see London...and Scotland...and Ireland...and Wales...  As a bonus I will get to do some genealogy research there as most of my family comes from the UK.  Plus I want to see some castles, enjoy the British sense of humor (which totally cracks me up), walk some of the amazing trails they have there, and have some official British tea.
  • October: go to Japan and the Philippines.  Besides the fact that I love Japan and the Philippines, our friends and relatives who live there are getting older so we want to visit them more often. So the hubby and I have decided to try to go there every other year if possible to visit everyone.  This time I will leave hubby at home while I go to Japan and we will meet in Manila (last time we flew to Manila and I left him there for a week and he was bored because the few people he knew there had to work so he stayed in the hotel playing poker on his computer for a week.  At least at home he will have his regular schedule to keep him busy).
So that's the plan.  Achieving these goals will cost a small fortune which means I better get busy making only you know...


  1. I hope you manage to achieve all those goals. I will be cheering you on from the sidelines!!


  2. Fabulous goals! Mine will be not nearly so ambitious - maybe "watch more movies" or something like that!

  3. Wow... Those are such adventurous & fun goals!! :) Love them!

  4. Very lofty goals! Best of luck to you!

  5. Thanks everyone! I figure if I concentrate on one goal at a time I may have some luck with achieving them!