Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trash Picking and a Home Remedy and a Note on Banking

Trash picking:  The hubby and I have started walking every morning (now that is isn't 110 degrees by noon!).  Yesterday we were walking through our neighborhood instead of driving to find a nice hill to climb and it turns out that since it was the day before garbage day, some of our neighbors had their trash already out by the curb.  That's where we found these two still in great shape chairs above (right next to these chairs were two boxes for the new chairs that were bought to replace them).  So we scooped up the chairs and carried them home and hubby will probably reupholster the seats which is really easy to do.  They will fit our island just perfectly and will be really handy when we have parties and need extra seating for everyone (for some reason everyone gathers around the island to eat and totally ignores our nice big table which is just across the room!  So now we have six tall stools for our island).  I don't know why these neighbors didn't even try to sell the chairs on CraigsList but we are happy to pick them up and give them a new home.  Yeah trash picking!

Home remedy:  I think my gall bladder is unhappy.  I have been having slight symptoms on and off for a while (probably because of my crappy diet) so of course I went to Google first (mostly because I know the standard protocol for gall bladder problems is just to yank it our and I am pretty fond of my internal organs and want them to remain, well, internal and not tossed away in the garbage).  So I did what I recommend people DON'T do and came across this gall bladder flush (which was recommended in a number of other blogs and websites as well) so I am giving it a try starting later today.  Of course I realize this isn't the best thing to do when you may have a medical problem but 1) I am a much bigger fan of natural medicine than invasive medicine, and 2) it seems relatively safe (I remember years ago my grandmother's cure for stomach ailments were a spoon of castor oil and this is similar), and 3) I can always fall back on my local doctor if it fails.  And most important, I think this is the wake up call I needed to change my diet.  I have been eating healthy, natural food only for the past few days and I haven't even been interested in my near daily habit of aStarbucks Frapuccino or a Baskin Robbins Blast.

And a cool thing I learned about banking:  I now have a local bank but I got a check from one of my clients and I wanted to put it in my other account in my bank in Washington.  This usually involves endorsing the check then putting a note on it that says it needs to be deposited into my account, then mailing it to my bank.  I saved myself the cost of a stamp and envelope yesterday because my bank now has a way to scan the check and edeposit it into my account.  And it worked!


  1. they look really good those stools, one persons trash is another person's treasure!


  2. Love the new long distance banking techniques these days. Dont ant to be an alarmist in any way, trust me. But I will say that a gall bladder ignore can lead to gangrene. Tread carefully. Its a minor procedure and your liver functions perfectly without it.

  3. Hi Barb, Thanks for the warning! Definitely anyone considering self-help or alternative medicine should be aware that fever, tenderness, and continuing pain should be seen by a doctor ASAP (ditto shortness of breath, unexplained chest pain, and unexplained or copious bleeding). I tried this because I didn't have any of those symptoms and also because it was short (1.5 days), non invasive, I have no allergies (sometimes herbal medicines can cause an allergic reaction), and the components were non toxic. The whole self treating thing makes regular medical professionals cringe!

  4. Love the chairs!
    I hope you're feeling better. Let us know how your home treatment worked out.