Thursday, November 15, 2012

Arggg...Blog Issues

Thanks to Lorraine I found out my blog feed in people's blog roll was all messed up (again!).  I (hopefully) have it fixed so if you have me on your blogroll and my blog is still showing up as a Spanish language blog, maybe delete it then re-ad it to your blog roll?  I think.  I checked the code on the website, then hit the "nuclear" option in FeedBurner to refeed the blog, then pinged the feed and all was well but I am still not certain it fixed fixed.  Hopefully it is.
In other news:

  • I decided not to go to the Twilight movie marathon today because I seriously couldn't see myself sitting still for TWELVE hours of movie watching!
  • Be careful this holiday season!  This sad story was on the news today.  Either it is a big city thing or a people are desperate thing but when some people see the goodies you are buying for Christmas they may be inclined to rob you or burglarize your home.  Scary!
  • In other blog news I noticed my blog visits dropped significantly yesterday but when I checked Blogger this seems to be an issue that was recently fixed so hopefully that little problem will be taken care of.
  • Adsense revenue also seemed to drop dramatically so I'm not sure if it had something to do with the site counter being off or people getting ready for Thanksgiving so visit are dropping or my blog feed being messed up...I don't know. 
  • I sent my friend in Japan a birthday gift today and the cost for mailing alone was $17.95 and the gift was pretty small!  I'm going to have to think of something else for Christmas because it is ridiculous to spend so much on shipping.  I wonder if Starbucks gift cards work in Japan?  I will need to check that out.
  • I think we are making an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner for the cousins this weekend.  Some are heading for the Philippines next week and a few are coming in this weekend from out of town so someone said "hey let's have Thanksgiving this weekend!"  So we will cook.  If there is one thing hubby's family is good at, it's changing plans on a dime.  But after this many years I am used to it and have learned to go with the flow (in most everything else I like to plan...a lot...).  It's like this with reunions too, a group of 30 people will be heading out to the cars to go to somewhere and plans can change between the house and the driveway!
  • On a happy note, the weather in Las Vegas is perfect in the fall/winter!  High 70s and sunny today and while it is a little chilly at night, that's what blankets are for.  No wonder my grandmother used to head to Arizona every fall and not return until spring.  Now that I am getting older I appreciate the warm weather much more than before!


  1. Happy early Thanksgiving!

  2. I was finally able to get your blog back loaded in English, today. Hola!!! :-)