Friday, November 16, 2012

10 Free Software Alternatives

Way back in the day, if you wanted good software to use on your computer, you had to buy it (often to the tune of hundreds of dollars per program--yes, I'm talking about you Microsoft Office and Photoshop!).  Here's some great software alternatives that are free:

  1. Microsoft Office.  Now I am a big fan of LibreOffice as well as Open Office.
  2. Expression Web and Dreamweaver.  Now I make my websites in WordPress.
  3. Microsoft Outlook.  Mostly I still use Yahoo Mail since I have had it for more than ten years and it works very well, but I also like the combo of GMail and Google Calendar.
  4. Microsoft Publisher.  I recently tried Serif PagePlus and I am pretty impressed with it.
  5. Norton Anti Virus.  I use Avast and it works great...and it's free!
  6. Photoshop.  I am so graphically challenged that even Photoshop doesn't help me much but when I have to do something with graphics I use GIMP or Paint (which you will find here along with other good alternatives).
  7. Microsoft Visio.  Try Dia, it is a great alternative. 
  8. Microsoft Access.  Check out Kexi it is very similar and very free.
  9. Adobe Acrobat.  Although not as comprehensive as AA, Primo PDF is a useful program.
  10. Photo editor.  I use Webresizer to quickly optimize my photos for the web.


  1. We pay for McAfee (the creator of that program is in Belize on the lam - accused of killing someone yuck) but I have also simultaneously started using a program for the last five months called Super Antispyware. You manually update the definitions and when I had a virus McAfee couldn't remove this free version did! Two guards are better than one.

  2. I am a computer should pop by tomorrow to see the post I am putting up!!


  3. Thanks for the link to webresizer; I have been looking for something like that!