Monday, November 19, 2012

A Bunch of Money Stuff

First, I was thrilled to get our latest electricity bill (see photo) in the mail.  Notice the difference between summer and winter in Las Vegas?  If we can get through all winter without turning on the heat I will be doing the happy dance!
Second, hubby wanted to get the two front windows in the van tinted since the rest of the windows were factory tinted.  To get it done professionally it would have been kind of expensive so for less than $10 he went to Walmart and bought the tint and did the job himself.  And it looks really good!
Third, I have a head cold.  My ears feel like I am listening to everything under water.  Bummer.
Fourth, I saw this article and thought what a cool way to take charge of your financial situation.  People like this impress me.
Fifth, do you watch the Jeff Probst Show?  It is my favorite (actually the only) show I watch on TV during the day.  It is always positive and uplifting.  Today's show made me stop what I was doing completely and watch.  One segment was about a family that went from a six figure income to minimum wage.  They were so cool!  Now they ride bikes since they sold their car, they grow their own vegetables and raise their own chickens, and you know what?  They are probably way cooler now then when they had the huge income.  Again, I like people who take whatever life gives them and, because they are amazing no matter what situation they are in, make the best of it.
Sixth, a suggestion.  People are buying Twinkies like mad (even at super high prices on eBay) but really, don't you think that the Twinkie recipe will be a very sellable asset if and when the company closes?  I really don't think that people need to pay top dollar for Twinkies as they will probably be back on store shelves whether under the Hostess brand or another brand soon (so save your money!).

That's all...I'm going to try and figure out how to make my ears work again...

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