Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Are You Lining Up for Black Friday Sales?

Besides the fact that "Black Friday" is actually falling on Thanksgiving Thursday (which I don't agree with), I really can't see why people would start camping out now--like camping out in a tent for days on end in front of a store--just to save a bit of money on a TV.  I used to head out early on Friday morning more for the spirit of the whole thing (wake up early, get some hot cocoa, hit the store at 0 dark 30 with friends) but ever since people have started acting like stampeding cattle (and even KILLING people) in their quest to save money I have pretty much sworn off Black Friday shopping.  Even getting through the stores today for our weekly groceries was an exercise in patience (or the lack thereof) as everyone and their brother was out shopping for groceries as well.  Eekkk   I'm getting too old for all of this craziness.  So we will go out for dinner on Thanksgiving (fortunately in Las Vegas EVERY restaurant/casino/etc is open with specials for Thanksgiving dinner) and stay home on Friday. No driving, no shopping, no fighting the crowds.  If I do find something that I really really need (doubtful) I will shop online as they are supposed to have the same Black Friday sales online as at the brick and mortar stores.  And some suggestions for everyone:

  • Only buy what you can afford (in cash, and not with credit!)
  • Consider the cost of shipping if you will be mailing presents (ie: buy small gifts, it will save you money on shipping)
  • Be careful! (people will literally trample you or pepper spray you just to get to a sales item--crazy, I know)
  • Remember, it is the thought that counts, you don't need to "prove" how much you care about someone based on the cost of your gifts
  • Scale back on the number of people you buy gifts for (once you and your siblings have a couple of generations following you, the number of gifts for family members grows exponentially)
  • Consider giving experiences instead of things (memories will last much longer than socks or a tie)
  • Consider having an anti-consumer Christmas
  • Finally, if you must shop, consider using a variety of apps to get your shopping done on time and under budget

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  1. Nope. Not lining up. I'm going to enjoy being off from work. If I buy anything, it will be an online purchase.