Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 of My November Challenge

A quick update...

  • Daily Goal 1--work on book.  Chapter 2 has been edited and updated and I think it looks pretty good!
  • Daily Goal 2--make money.  I listed one of my websites for sale on eBay (I tried to sell it last year on Flippa with no luck).  Someone suggested listing it on eBay--at no charge!--so I did...for $4000 minimum and $6000 buy it now.
  • Daily Goal 3--exercise.  Hubby and I hiked to the top of Exploration Peak and back.  Don't worry, it wasn't a "peak" as in 10,000+ feet, more like a small hill with an elevation gain of about 700 feet.
  • Daily Goal 4--activity.  Our activity for today was supposed to be to go to a balloon festival but when we arrived at the venue there were no balloons!  The guy said it was the first year of the event so they were still figuring things out and that the balloons had left around 6am because they need to lift off in cool air(?!).  So we were driving away and decided to do another thing on our list, go to Pahrump.  This is a small town about an hour away from Las Vegas; it's known as the closest place to Las Vegas with legal brothels.  I imagined an "old West" kind of town with a few buildings but it was a pretty good sized small city with about 40,000 people according to a lady I talked to in a restaurant.  We drove by the Chicken Ranch just to get a picture then we went to a couple of casinos on the main road through town but compared to Vegas they were really small casinos with mostly slot machines.  Over all it was a nice little day trip to explore a new place and the views on the way there were amazing (see photo above).

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