Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3 of My November Challenge

Daily Goal 1--work on book.  I was hammering away on chapter three and determined that chapter one needs to be "catchier".  Chapter three is updated, chapter one needs to be redone. Ugh.
Daily Goal 2--make money.  First thing this morning I set up a YouTube channel for the hubby.  The channel will feature him cooking all of his yummy recipes and I will be able to monitize it and generate some ad revenue.  Then we got the camera figured out, then I found that the best free video editing software (Windows Movie maker) is already installed on my computer!  Tomorrow hubby will make his first video and we will go from there.  Also, today we "found" $150!  Yesterday on the radio I heard an advertisement for our credit union that said you can earn money from the points you earn when you use your credit card.  Hubby hasn't used this card in ages (yes, he still keeps one credit card although I have tried many times to get rid of all of them but he rarely uses it and if he does use it he pays it off right away).  I think the last big thing he paid for with the card was our tickets to Asia last year because he said that would be safer than using our debit cards to pay for such a big purchase.  So I told him this morning that he should check and see if he has any points just for the heck of it and it turns out that yes, he had points that he could redeem for a $150 Visa gift card!  Which he promptly did.  We figured that the points have been adding up for years and we didn't know anything about it.  That was a really nice surprise!
Daily Goal 3--exercise.  The hubby and I went to the local outlet mall.  It is a huge mall and it is indoors which is nice so we walked around the mall for about two hours...and didn't buy anything!  Yeah!
Daily Goal 4--activity.  The World Series of Bowling is in town this week so we stopped by to check out the action.  It was free (yeah) and we were also able to pick up free tickets for the finals next weekend (double yeah).  Hubby was happy about this activity because we used to own a bowling pro shop and he knew a lot of guys from the tour 20+ years ago.  We were pretty surprised to see about a half dozen guys that we knew way back then are still professional bowlers!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week! :) Bowling is such a blast ... I suck at it but its fun! lol! I'd make pro bowlers split a gut laughing I'm sure!! ;)