Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4 of My November Challenge (And Some Tech Info)

...can be summed up in one word.  Fail.
Daily goal 1--work on book.  Didn't do this.  Bummer.  But I will do chapters 4 and 5 tomorrow so I can catch up.
Daily goal 2--make money.  I uploaded hubby's first cooking video today.  I seriously need to learn how to edit video!!  I gave it a shot and it could have been better but every time I tried to clip out a few frames that were unneeded it would delete the whole segment!  Eeekk  I also linked the YouTube channel with Adsense but I think it will take 24 hours to kick in.  What I really want to do is devise enough sources of passive income so that I won't need to go out and seek work to do and get paid for, kind of like this lady.
Daily goal 3--exercise.  I know I should have at least went out for a walk but I was lazy and didn't.  Bummer.
Daily goal 4--activity.  We stayed home all day so didn't do any kind of activity (unless cleaning up the garage counts, which it doesn't).

So basically that is what I did all day, which wasn't much.  When were were cleaning up the garage, hubby's daughter called and said she needed a laptop for her son and it just so happened that we found an old laptop (circa 2005) in a box in the garage so I spent hours--literally--updating it.  Here's how I take an old computer and make it newish again:

  • Turn it on and hook it up to the internet.
  • Go to 'add/delete programs' and check what programs are on the computer.  There was some pretty old software still on this computer as well as other obsolete programs which I uninstalled.
  • Go to 'Windows Update' and see if there are any updates for the computer (there were 75 so it took ages for all of the updates to load!)
  • After all of the updates load, turn off then restart the computer then hit windows update again.  Sometimes needed updates won't show up until other updates have been installed.
  • Delete anything else off the computer that you don't want there (in this case there were a bunch of old picture and music files which I already have on my new computer so all of these files got deleted as well).
  • Get on the internet then go to internet options then click on 'delete'.  You have the option to delete browsing history, TIFs, etc.  I deleted everything.
  • Then I reset the home page to a generic page ( in this case) instead of the homepage I use.
  • Next I emptied the recycle bin on the computer.
  • Next I turned off then restarted the computer just to get all of the changes settled.
  • Then I went to start, all programs, accessories, system tools and did a disc clean up then a disc defragment (this takes forever!).
  • Finally, I installed some new software they might like at  In this case I chose the Chrome browser, Skype, VLC, LibreOffice, Avast, and Ad Aware.
So while I didn't do a whole lot today, I still feel relatively productive!


  1. That is a good routine for cleaning up a computer! Are you happy with Avast? I use Avira. (They sound like prescriptions, don't they?)

  2. Avast works great. I used to use AVG but it didn't seem to catch all of the viruses. Have never used Avira but may give it a try next time!