Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5 of My November Challenge (and Some Links)

Daily goal 1--work on book.  Done!  All five chapters have been reviewed, edited, and updated. Yeah!
Daily goal 2--make money.  Fail!  I was going to make another cooking video with the hubby and so we taped the prep work last night but in the middle of cooking today the battery on the camera died :(  Unfortunately we couldn't stop the cooking until the battery got charged so today's video was a fail and we will have to redo the recipe again sometime.  Note to self, charge camera before use.
Daily goal 3--exercise.  Yes!  I felt bad about not exercising at all yesterday so when I went to do my errands this morning I decided to walk instead of drive.  Hubby walked with me to a shopping center a little more than a mile from our house where I got my haircut and went to the bank.  I still haven't been able to talk hubby into cutting my hair.  Maybe next time.
Daily goal 4--activity.  Hubby took me to the movies today.  At the Palms Casino they have a $5 special all day on Mondays so we watched 'Taken 2' for a total of $10.  On the rare occasion when we go to the movies we try to hit up matinees and senior days at the movies but since seniors are $4 (hubby) and regular matinee price is $8 (me), today's $5 special was the cheapest way to go.  Good movie too.

And here's some links:

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