Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Raining Jobs...And Other Info

So I carted myself over to the Dollar Store today (it's only a 15 minute walk in the sunshine which was awesome!).  And they hired me!  It sounded like the manager was trying to talk me out of working there but I was super excited about working and the manager gave me the job ("are you sure you want to work here, it's seasonal...are you sure you want to work here, it's only part time...are you sure you want to work here, we only pay minimum wage..."  Yes, Yes, and Yes).  So I start next week.  I'm not sure if it helped that all I put on the application was "self employed" and "office work" for work experience because hubby said that if I put my actual work experience down they wouldn't hire me.  And it worked, so I may do this if I apply for any other job as well.  It sounds like the job is only part time and seasonal so they may not keep me after Christmas but like I told hubby, any money is good money because I WANT TO GO ON A CRUISE!  So my goal this month is to gather up enough money to book a cruise and pay for the airfare to get to and from the departure port.
Then when I got home from getting this job, a lady from another job that I applied for almost six months ago called me to see if I was still interested.  It was for a school crossing guard position and it sounded interesting--two hours a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, helping kids cross the street before and after school, and they pay $22 a hour!  So I told the lady I was still interested and have to go in for an interview on Wednesday.  It would be great if I could do both jobs!
Hubby is just shaking his head over the whole thing.  He can't imagine why I would take such jobs but it totally makes sense to me--I don't want a business (too much work and requires 24/7 attention) or a "good" job that has a lengthy hiring process and lots of stress (office politics, high pressure, etc) when I may quit because we want to head out and travel so these kinds of simple jobs, even if the pay isn't good, are flexible enough for me.
Now I am inspired to hammer away at making enough money to accomplish at least two of my four goals for 2013--going on a cruise and riding my bike from Canada to Mexico.  I am really trying to convince hubby to let me rent out our two guest bedrooms on AirBnB which would bring in even more income but so far it is a resounding no--he doesn't want strangers in our house and he has heard horror stories about CraigsList so, um, no way.  So far.  I'll keep working on him.

On a kind of related note, I read this post on Carla's blog which, aside from paying for the things to reach my goals, is pretty much the only reason I am working.  The hubby and I can live quite well on only his income but there always seems to be things that come up (like the *newest* cell phone, and *new style* purse, etc) that I want to spend money on.  I've pretty much got over upgrading to every new item that comes down the pike but there are still things I want.  My cell phone, for example, is a very old style and while it does what it is supposed to do--make calls, make text messages, access the internet albeit very slowly--I really want a new Samsung Galaxy S2 phone (especially now that Walmart offers a $30/month plan.  That's what I pay now and I wouldn't be paying any extra with this new phone but I have to pay full price for the phone since it isn't on a contract).  Plus I want to buy hubby a new phone, and treat him on our anniversary...and there is always something new to buy.  But at least I am not as bad as I used to be with buying the latest styles, the most expensive purses, the newest technology, etc.
And then I read this post which kind of summed everything up.  And while I have pretty much stopped shopping, I haven't given it up completely so I do still need to make some money and I am looking forward to earning enough money to buy a few of the things I want (once I do this, I then want to save up enough money to pay the few bills I pay each month--cell phones, grandson's school, etc--for a year and put it aside in savings).


  1. Congratulations! It sounds like the universe is listening. I hope you can do the crossing guard job in conjunction with the retail job. Expect to go through some background checks. Nowadays when you have anything to do with being around kids, you get processed to the hilt. They may even want fingerprints. That's required in our school district.
    I read that post about spending less. It was really helpful knowing that we're not alone. This mad, crazed season of buying everything in sight has us kind of feeling like Debbie Downers for not shopping. We just keep it to ourselves, sit back and watch everyone else spend their money.

  2. Congrats! I am working with hubby at our own times (he does fulltime I do parttime) but like you I want some fun money at a no brain low stress job that if I hate it I can quit without guilt. Even though they say the job is seasonal they say that so if times are tough they can let anyone go. If you are a good worker they are more likely to keep you on or call you back to work when more workers are needed.

  3. Things are looking up! Sounds good!

  4. My sister rents out one of her bedrooms to traveling nurses. Maybe your DH would be more willing if you were able to hook up with that kind of a specific program? I don't know where one would find that info though-- one of my sister's coworkers hooked her up.

  5. Thanks ladies! I love to open my blog and find so many positive comments!!