Saturday, November 24, 2012

I Think I Got a Job!

I wasn't really looking for a job although I do have four (very expensive) goals for 2013 that I want to complete.  And I was getting kind of discouraged because I had applied for a few jobs since we moved here and didn't even get an interview so I had pretty much resigned myself to being jobless for the rest of my life (dramatic, I know).  Then today the hubby and I were shopping in the dollar store and the manager was ringing us up and I mentioned that it was super busy at the store.  She said yeah we really need to hire more people because it is always like this.  So I said "hire me" and she said "seriously?" and I said "yes, I really want to work".  So she said to come in on Monday.  I will need to talk to another manager but she said to be ready to work so I think I may have got a job (I won't know for sure until Monday but I am definitely ready to work).
Even though it only pays minimum wage it is a) more than I am making now on a regular basis, b) near enough to our house that I can walk back and forth to work, c) something to do so I am not bored silly, d) gets me around people instead of staring at the four walls at home, e) it is a simple job that I won't have to worry about--no payroll to cover, no pressing projects to worry over completing, etc, and f) will make me enough money to at least pay for the first goal which is to go on a cruise (right now I am looking at a 14 day Southern Caribbean cruise in February or March).  So I am super happy and I hope I get the job.  As an added bonus, I won't be tempted to spend my paycheck there (I had applied a while back at a clothing store but the possibility of wanting to spend my paycheck on discounted clothing probably would have been pretty great and it would torpedo my main purpose for working which is to gather up enough money for my goals).
So yeah, I'm kind of excited today!


  1. Wooo! Congratulations and good luck!

  2. It all sounds like it was meant to be! Go for it!

  3. Very exciting! Looking forward to your next report!

  4. Thanks for the nice words of encouragement!!