Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all are having/had a great Thanksgiving!  Ours went like this:

  1. Plan #1--go to the casino and have a Thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant.  We got there, hubby played poker for a bit while I worked on my genealogy research.  When we got hungry we headed over to the restaurant and it was packed with a line.  We didn't want to wait.
  2. Plan #2--go get a pizza from Dominos.  We weren't really set on a turkey+trimmings Thanksgiving dinner and pizza sounded good but when we got to Dominos it was closed.
  3. Plan #3--we were surprised to see that the grocery store next to Dominos was open so we wandered around and settled on a steak for dinner.  We picked up the steak, went home, and hubby cooked the steak while I whipped up some stuffing (from the box), deviled eggs (they were already boiled), rolls (the pop in the oven kind), gravy (from the package), vegetables (from the can).  And "ta da" instant Thanksgiving dinner.  
Overall we had a nice Thanksgiving and now we are parked on the sofa.  We decided to skip Black Friday shopping but may venture out to the stores tomorrow after the rush.  
Happy turkey day!!

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  1. I guess we're not alone in being non-traditional. We were going to have steak too, but I didn't feel well, so we're having it Friday instead. We won't be shopping but we may go to an antique auction.