Friday, December 28, 2012

10 Things We Did Today (All Have to Do With Money)

It was a pretty busy Friday.  We...

  1. Went to the hospital so hubby could do his lab work before his appointment week after next (this saves money because if the hubby has his appointment first then he has to do the lab work then he has to go back to the doctor for a second time to get the results (this shaves off one doctor visit; even though all of the medical care/prescriptions/lab services are free, it saves 50 miles of driving and gas).
  2. While we were at the hospital we stopped by the military TriCare office to figure out what will happen with our health insurance next year when hubby turns 65.  They said his military medical insurance will become free (instead of $25 a month) but that Social Security will start taking out the cost for Medicare each month from his Social Security check (now I have to get on the SSA website and see how much this will be; I've heard it is upwards of $100 a month!).
  3. Hubby checked his bank account that he uses for every day purchases and noticed a $30 NSF fee.  He freaked out as he never gets NSF fees but then he realized that he may have bought some stuff at the store a few days ago thinking he had the money in his account then forgot about the purchase and again used the rest of the money in the account for other purchases.  He will call the bank on Monday and see for sure what the purchase was that he can't quite remember then grovel with the bank to see if they can waive the NSF fee just this once since he has never had an NSF fee before.  And he will keep better track of his spending as well as keep more money as a cushion in a linked savings account.  Lesson learned.
  4. My paycheck came in this morning and it was so small for all of the work I did at my seasonal job.  I had figured it would be about $80 more but when I actually calculated out the hours and pay I figured it was correct.  Then I promptly spent most of it on next month's bills.
  5. I decided not to sign up for yoga in January.  Even though $40 is a super reasonable price, I would rather spend the money on something else (I believe I will use it for the annual volksmarch and genealogy society memberships for next year) and even though it is good for me, I just can't see myself being dedicated to 90 minutes of sweaty "hot" yoga for five days a week.  Maybe I will be more inspired later in the year.
  6. The hubby and I got haircuts today (on my 'stuff to do before the end of the year' list) for $30 total including tip.  (Note that I've found that a cheap Great Clips haircut is just as good as an expensive salon haircut...usually).  I also bought a book of stamps.  
  7. Last night we went to the Ethel M Candy Factory to look at their holiday light display.  I LOVE the fact that there is so much free stuff to do in Las Vegas!
  8. I updated my "to buy/to pay" list.  I keep a running list of things that I want to buy, bills that I need to pay, etc.  I keep the list in "most important to least important" order and then after I pay for stuff/buy stuff on the list, I rewrite the list, again putting stuff in order of importance.
  9. I "treated" myself to a Baskin Robbins Blast today.  Healthwise, a fail.  Moneywise, probably a waste of money when I can make it cheaper at home.  On the "slightly" bright side I used a $1 off coupon.
  10. I decided that since my teeny tiny pay check didn't cover the new cell phone I wanted to buy, I am going to make a concerted effort to make money in January for the cell phone (I have books I can sell online plus sell some stuff from our garage clean out...if that fails you can find me "busking" on Las Vegas Blvd...).


  1. Nothing like seeing the NSF to make you be more careful with your bookkeeping. Thats all it took for my husband also and yes he groveled and they remove it

  2. That was smart of you to bypass on the yoga since you weren't fully committed... so many people drop a HUGE amount of money on gym memberships, etc.. then end up going like 2x. It's crazy. lol!!

  3. I go to a cheap haircut place too and my spouse does his own :)I went to 6 weeks of yoga (not hot) last year and liked it but haven't been able to make it fit into my schedule since. Making extra money for the cell phone is a great living, after all! -- Dar