Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10 Ways to Get 2013 Off To an Organized Start

The end of the year always gets me motivated to become super organized.  I have visions of creating the perfectly organized life which will help me waft effortlessly into my future, never mind that I pretty much suck at reaching any meticulously organized goals I set.  That being said, these are the things I am doing this week in order to start the new year off on a positive foot:

  1. Write out the goals I want to achieve in 2013 (and post them publicly so there will be some kind of accountability...which I did here).
  2. List all of the bills we pay (monthly bills, semi-monthly bills, bi-annual bills, and annual bills) then look for ways to reduce these bills.  Right now I am trying to get Cox to keep my internet bill at $20 a month for the next year.  They told me to call back next week but I already told them that if the bill goes up to $50 a month I am cancelling service (and saving $600 by doing this).
  3. Go through all of the clothes in my closet.  My clothes have started to multiply thanks to numerous trips to the Goodwill so I need to purge stuff I don't love or wear regularly.  I will also be getting rid of an entire clothing category (bras and underwear) and replacing all of them.
  4. Clean out the refrigerator and clean out the pantry.  Even though we have only been in the house for six months, stuff is starting to get pushed to the back of the pantry never to be seen again so everything will be cleaned out and reorganized and the stuff we probably won't eat soon will get donated to the food bank.
  5. Clean out the garage.  Fortunately, since we haven't been in the house long, the garage still doesn't have much stuff in it but things are starting to get set aside in the garage and clutter is building up so we will clean and organize the garage and probably CraigsList a few things.
  6. Purge my online stuff.  I keep a list of websites and usernames/passwords on my computer (there is no way I would remember all of these things without writing them down).  I am going to go through this list and delete accounts I no longer use (like Fiverr, Mechanical Turk, etc).
  7. "Pre-stage" stuff for the upcoming year (like buy a year's worth of stamps before the price increases, buy a couple dozen birthday cards to have on hand for people's birthdays next year, etc).
  8. Order my free credit report.  The dust should have settled from buying our house so now is a good time to order my free credit report just to make sure the information on it is correct.
  9. Write out a strategy to reach my goals.  A lot of my goals for 2013 can be done with other goals which will save both time and money (like "walk a marathon" can be done in Canada the weekend before I leave Canada to ride my bike to Mexico in April since the Victoria volksmarchers are hosting a marathon-length walk then.  On my way up to the Victoria marathon walk, I can arrange the family reunion in Portland which knocks out another goal, then, on the bike ride down the coast I can stop in San Francisco (a goal and it is along the way) and arrange to attend a Jeff Probst show taping towards the end of my ride since this is along the way too.
  10. Decide what things I want to change in the upcoming year (my webhost may be one thing, the work I do for clients may be another, etc) then set to work on changing these things.


  1. Plenty of those are on my list as well. Here's to an organized new year!

  2. I need to work on our list, not sure what I keep putting it off?

    Yours is great though.


  3. Great list; I love your travel plans!
    - Dar