Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Quick Update, Some Useful Links, and 10 Things to Do By the End of the Year

First the update:

  • Today was my last day of work! (YEAH!!!!).  For this job I worked a total of 14 days and earned about $650 which is a nice chunk of change for part time work.  Overall it was a fun experience.  It was super busy, the customers were really nice (I think they are nice and happy because everything they are buying costs $1!), and it got me up and off the couch and gave me a bit of exercise. I will definitely do this again next Christmas!
  • I am trying to think of 26 random acts of kindness I can do.  This is an amazing idea and I want to be a part of it especially during the holiday season.
  • My house is sparkly clean.  I came home from work today and cleaned like a maniac because I had put off everything but vacuuming and laundry for the past couple of weeks.
  • I need to get hubby a gift pronto!  Pronto would be tomorrow.  I still don't know what to get him :I
  • Hubby paid for my cell phone this month because he didn't want to be out of touch with me for a week so I think I will put off getting my new cell phone for a couple of weeks so I can use up the minutes on my current plan.

Then the links:

And 10 Things I Need to Do By the End of the Year:

  1. Our $20 a month intro price for cable internet runs out January 2nd so I need to call and see if I can get the price extended (no way am I paying $50+ a month for internet!).
  2. Buy stamps (the price is going up in January).
  3. Buy all new underwear and bras (mine are hideous and I have had them for the past two+ years and I am getting rid of all of them and buying all new to start the year...right after I burn all of the old ones...).
  4. Sign up for yoga class (I want to try the $40 special for a month of yoga at a local yoga studio and January sounds like a good time to do it.  p.s. it is bikram yoga which I didn't know much about until I Googled it and it seems the 90 minute sessions of yoga are conducted in 100 degree heat!!).
  5. Finish up a project for a friend so I can get paid in January (after I enjoy the paycheck from my seasonal job this month I am going to need money next month so I need to get busy and get this project finished).
  6. Decide what to do for New Years Eve (and no, we won't be in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip this year...WAY too many people!).
  7. See some of the Christmas sights in Las Vegas (I've been so busy working we haven't done much so I want to see the Christmas cacti at Ethel M, the Bellagio Conservatory dressed up for Christmas, and the ice skating on the Strip).
  8. Baking.  At least make a pumpkin pie.  I love pumpkin pie but only make them at Thanksgiving and Christmas and even though we aren't cooking this year, I don't want to miss out on this treat.
  9. Get haircuts.  Both the hubby and I are getting shaggy and for once I want to treat the hubby to a haircut instead of him always paying for us, plus we might as well start the new year with nice, tidy hair.
  10. Go to the movies.  I also want to take hubby to the movies which we can do either this Monday or next Monday (on Mondays movies are $5 per person at the Palms).

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