Friday, December 21, 2012

5 Things Friday

A quick post before I head off to work...

  1. It's the "end of the world Friday" and I'm still here.  Glad I didn't buy an underground apocalypse shelter or get a bunch of credit cards and max them out thinking no one would be around to collect on them after today.
  2. I almost quit my job yesterday!  I called hubby on my break and said "I'm going to quit!" and he laughed (I only have three more days of this job anyway).  But one of the managers was being so mean to my customer that I was going to lecture her about consistency (a customer needed a refund and the assistant manager said no, an hour later another customer needed a refund and the assistant manager said yes, I asked what the difference was and she said she didn't feel like giving the first customer a refund!) and about getting sued and about all kinds of other business practices that were sadly lacking in the store but then I cooled off and figured it doesn't matter and I'm sure they wouldn't care (the regional manager was there a couple days ago on his cell phone going off about things happening in the office and about his coworkers in full hearing of customers so, yeah, trickle down management in action).  So I will go off to work today and be finished with them on Sunday.
  3. My cell phone is DOA.  The monthly contract expired today so no service but I am getting a new cell phone and a new plan next week and I don't want to pay for a month on my old cell phone and not use three weeks of it so I decided to just go without a phone for a week (which will be the first time I will be phone-less in years).  Weird.  I'm sure I survived before cell phones were invented, I just don't remember how.
  4. We finally broke down and turned on the central heating last night because the house was freezing cold and using a space heater in the kitchen is useless because the house has an open plan and all of the heat immediately goes upstairs.  Bummer :(  I was hoping to go all winter without using the furnace.
  5. We have no plan for Christmas.  The family is all gone and we don't really know people here so it looks like it will be just the hubby and I at a restaurant or buffet at a casino.
I hope you have a fabulous Friday!


  1. You'll be able to celebrate having some extra free time for a while, and celebrate Christmas...sounds good!

  2. Too bad about the job, but at least you made a little extra cash. We have no plans for the holiday either, so we're going to the movies and out to dinner on Christmas Eve. Afterwards we'll drive around and try to find a house with the most gaudy light display.

  3. The shop sounds like a mess! "Don't feel like giving a refund?!" Huh?!

    Hope you & hubby have a nice Christmas!! If you were closer I'd invite you over for Christmas turkey!! :)

  4. Thanks Carla!!!
    Lorraine, I think we will go in search of Christmas light displays this year too!
    AnExactingLife (what is your name??? I can't find it anywhere!) Yes I am enjoying my free time beginning the moment I turned in my name badge :)