Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve!

Are you all ready to ring in the new year?  This is how we spent the last day of the year:

  • Hubby called his bank and they did waive the overdraft fee due to his "senior moment."  Hubby is very happy that he now has an extra $30!
  • I called our internet company and while they wouldn't/couldn't continue our $19.99 monthly internet fee, the sixth person I talked to finally got the price down to $34.95 plus the first month free for six months so we were happy with that discount (the cost for this speed internet is usually $65 a month).
  • We went to Fogo de Chao for lunch today, compliments of a Christmas gift from hubby's sister.  Can you imagine paying $70 for lunch??  I mean it is a nice lunch (kind of like an all meat buffet because it is a Brazilian steak house) but $70 would pay for nearly two weeks of groceries for us!  But we thoroughly enjoyed the meal and are very thankful to the SIL for such a nice gift.
  • Speaking of nice gifts, one of the cousins gave us a membership to FillASeat for Christmas.  I had never heard of it before but I activated our membership and it seems to provide a range of completely free Las Vegas shows for the duration of membership.  So I reserved seats for us for a Frank Sinatra tribute show for tomorrow night.  I guess the catch is that when you sign up for a show it says "you must attend this show or you will lose your membership" which is reasonable because if the company is guaranteeing that seats will be filled they need to be pretty strict about people actually showing up.  This should be interesting (and hubby said he would be willing to go to a show every single day...we will see how much entertainment I can stand!).
  • The country went over the fiscal cliff today for us Americans.  I'm not sure that it will impact us because it looks like tax increases will hit people starting at about $50k earnings per year and we are way under that since I don't work.  Obviously that doesn't bode well for most of the people in the country, however, and I'm sure families making $50k per year can't really afford an extra $3500 in taxes taken out of their paychecks.  Ugh.
  • We still haven't decided what to do for New Year's Eve.  We have about seven hours to decide.  Hubby wants to go to the Strip and I would rather stay home and watch the whole thing on TV (once on the Strip last year was enough for me!).  We'll see what happens...
I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve.  Be safe!!!


  1. Happy New Year!
    - Dar

  2. Hope you had a wonderful New Years eve..and so glad they gave hubby back his money :)

  3. that's a neat gift that filaseat gift. Did you go to the show and did you enjoy it? We pay $50 a month for internet and where we live that's as good as it gets, no fee reductions nothing. But as far as I am concerned it is an essential, so I have to smile and pay up.

    Gill in Canada