Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Great Trip!

I use the word "trip" loosely of course because we only went a few miles away from home but we had a great time staying downtown for a couple of nights! The hotel was nice enough; we woke up to rain in our room on the second day--odd because we were on the 17th floor and there were a half dozen floors above us--but heck, it was free.  Turns out the guy above us overfilled his bathtub.  The show was great (we got front row seats for the Gordie Brown show at the same hotel we stayed at, for free, through FillASeat; he was really entertaining and his band was excellent! The food was also excellent (three free meals at a wonderful Italian restaurant also at the same hotel due to a $50 restaurant gift certificate that hubby had previously won from online poker).  And to top it off, hubby won about $50 in their poker room which more than paid for our only expenses, tips, for our mini vacation!
In addition to the overall wonderful experience, the hotel had a really nice pool that featured a huge fish (shark?) tank (see photo above) and I also got to check off a couple of my 50 goals for 2013 which were swimming (hubby and I walked about a half mile to the municipal pool since I didn't want to "be on display" at the hotel's pool--the pool is surrounded on all sides by glass just off the main lobby so everyone passing by can see a bathing suit...eeek).  It was a really nice facility that we will be sure to return to and I also went to a Vegas Jelly meet up which I have been wanting to do for over a year (it's a tech group and their discussion was so far over my head--leveraging APIs and platforms to enhance your coding--that I felt like a first grader suddenly sitting in a high school calculus class!).
Now to prepare for our next adventure--going to LA and being in the Jeff Probst show audience next week!


  1. Sounds fun! I giggled about your modesty at the pool :)

  2. Well minus the "rain", it sounds like it was a nice little getaway!! :)

  3. Phew! For a second there I thought you went swimming with the sharks! lol. Your hubby gets a lots of great perks, prizes and freebies from playing poker. Does it cost a lot to play?