Thursday, January 24, 2013

And Now for a Weekend Away...

...well not really away but based on our (more like hubby's) packing, it looks like we are leaving our home for a month!  So we packed up our bags this morning and will be checking into the Golden Nugget hotel later this afternoon (after a free--due to poker comps--dinner at a Chinese restaurant) to enjoy three days and two nights due to a voucher hubby won on online poker ( if you want to play too).  I have a bunch of things scheduled while we are there including going to a tech meet up this evening which is right down the street and then the hubby and I will check out the municipal pool which is only a few blocks away tomorrow morning ("go swimming" is one of the items on my goal list for 2013.  It's uncanny how when you write your goals down they suddenly start coming true with very little coordinated effort!).  I also want to hit up the outlet mall which is close by (I LOVE LeSportsac) and stop by the family history center to do a bit of genealogy research (also near by).
This should be a fun "vacation" even if we are only going less than ten miles away from home!