Monday, January 21, 2013

The 5 Best Ways We Spent Our Money Recently

I was pondering the purchases we have made recently (in light of my new cell phone where the jury is still out on whether or not it was a good purchase...) and it dawned on me that some of the things we have purchased lately have been worth a lot more than what we paid for them, such as...
  1. This little key chain fob from Wendys (see photo).  It cost $1 and entitles you to a free junior Frosty anytime during 2013.  So technically you could have 365 Frosties (a total of $365 dollars) for only $1!
  2. A membership to Fill A Seat.  Although we got this for free as a gift, for the price ($90 per couple) it is way worth the money.  To date we have been to five shows which would have cost about $200 and we still have five and a half more months to use this membership to see a whole bunch more shows.
  3. A "forever" National Parks Pass.  Hubby paid $10 for this pass since he is a senior citizen and it is good for life.  So far we have saved a few hundred dollars over paying entry fees each time we go to a National Park (including our trip a while back to the Grand Canyon!).  Definitely worth the cost!
  4. Our over the air antenna.  When we moved we decided to try to go without cable TV and paid $30 for a digital TV antenna for Walmart.  In the last six months this purchase has save us $600+ and we don't even miss not having cable as we get plenty of stations (about 40) with just the antenna!
  5. My $22 tennis shoes (which I blogged about last week).  They survived hiking and bouldering Red Rock Canyon earlier today and I have been wearing them everywhere in preparation for walking a marathon in April and I absolutely love them.  I don't need to spend $100 on tennis shoes just to have the latest, high tech shoes, clearance good-enough brand shoes work amazingly well!

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  1. What great deals & I like your shoes!