Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Been a Busy Week...

So far this week we have:

  • Sent the grandsons one of those flat rate mail boxes full of name brand t shirts the hubby picks up at the Goodwill each week (of course they think we buy them at Macy's or something...Hollister, Abercrombie, etc).
  • Signed up for a guided hike in the desert (it's free through a local parks organization).
  • Arranged for the family reunion I have on my goals list (I basically picked a date and location and emailed everyone in the family and told them to spread the word and to be there--so far everyone is really happy to be able to get together after so many years).
  • Have made great use of our FillASeat membership--we are seeing a comedy show tonight and will see "Nunsense" in a couple of days--all for free!
  • Found a new favorite romance author (I read through my favorite author's books so fast I am always thrilled to find another author that I love to read).  Her name is Suzanne Enoch.
  • Did more genealogy research.  I absolutely love contacting people in rural offices (like the county record's office, churches, etc) because they are usually quite elderly, have worked in the office for decades, know so much information--not only about the person I am seeking information on but on the local history as well--and are more than willing to share the information they know and then they  give me the name and number of other people they think can help me.  So cool!
  • Recovered from our colds.  And thank goodness we only had colds and not the flu, many people are suffering from the actual flu which is super serious and can lay you out flat for a week or more.
  • Went shopping for shoes.  Since I am starting to walk more, I need a good pair of walking shoes.  Plus I am really picky about shoes which makes it extra hard.  I found good prices at TJ Maxx and Marshalls but so far haven't found the perfect pair of shoes so I will keep looking.
  • Completed all of the work for my friend and she was thrilled with it (basically really really long documents that needed to be edited and formatted).  Now I am debating about what I should do when she pays me.  Should I get the new cell phone I have been wanting plus buy glass shower doors for both of our bathrooms or should I save it to go towards a cruise?  I'm undecided but I may wait on the cruise and use our income tax return money for that.
  • Have been arguing with an online poker company that hubby won a couple of nights at a hotel from.  It is legitimate poker (entry is free so that makes online gaming not illegal) but the company running the show seems to be hard to get any sort of winnings from as they were supposed to send him a voucher for the hotel two months ago and so far have just given me the run around.  Since I don't have anything better to do with my time I will harangue them until I GET HIS VOUCHER.
  • Oh, and one more thing...I did the online audition for Jeopardy last night.  I suck.  It was so bad that I'm glad I only embarrassed myself in front of hubby and not on national TV.  The audition asked 50 questions with 15 seconds to read and respond to each question.  30 minutes after I was done I was able to remember the answer to one of the questions--it was Robert Frost who is my favorite poet (p.s. hubby noted that if I did make it on TV I shouldn't flail about like a stuck chicken when I can't think of an answer...).
I think that is about it for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Keep at them until you get your voucher. That is how it was when I was with ATT they promised us a visa card for signing up and then kept giving us the run around about it. Finally they sent it after about 3 months but I didnt care since I would call at night when I was on the desk at work I didnt have much else to do...who wants to eat dinner at 2am

  2. I hope you enjoy your shows. That was an excellent gift you received. I hope you win out with the online poker company.

  3. The guided hike sounds great - will you have new walking shoes by then, or do you have hiking boots? LOL on the Jeopardy audition - I would be the same - tongue-tied!