Monday, January 7, 2013

Score! (And Some Links)

Once again I am getting a couple of boxes together to send to an elementary school in the Philippines.  This time I want to send one box of books and one box of school supplies.  In the past I have also wanted to send candy for all of the kids (the school is in a really poor area so these kids have rarely, if ever, even had candy) but there are 500 kids at the school and even if I could somehow find five pieces of candy for $1, that would still be $100 just for candy, not including the cost of books and school supplies.  So, to date, no candy has been sent.  Then the hubby and I were at the grocery store yesterday and saw that they were clearing out their leftover Christmas stuff and we found candy canes for 10 cents per box.  That was a great deal so we hauled 58 boxes of candy canes to the checkout and learned that Christmas stuff was an additional 50% off so that dropped the price of each box of 12 candy canes to 5 cents each!!  So for a grand total of $2.90 we got 600+ candy canes!!!  See photo above!

And some links...(mostly depressing stuff)


  1. that is so neat an the kids will really enjoy it. Well done!


  2. Wow!!! Great find on the candy canes!! Awesome! The kids will be soo delighted!! :) Yummy!!

  3. That is very nice of you to do! So glad you got them at a great price. Happy New Year!

  4. I hope someone is there to take pictures when they open the box. They will be thrilled! What a great find/price!