Thursday, January 3, 2013

Today We Went to the Mob Attraction!

Hubby is feeling slightly better today and we had previously reserved tickets for the Mob Attraction (you know, the tickets from Fill A Seat that say you can't NOT attend an event once you register for it) so we headed over to the Mob Attraction today to enjoy yet another free event in Las Vegas.  Overall it was pretty good--part interactive experience and part museum--and we both learned a lot.  The hubby loves all things Mafia related so this was right up his alley and even he learned a few things that he hadn't known before.  Other people have told me about House Seats which is similar to Fill A Seat but it seems like House Seats specializes in free tickets to higher end events so after this membership expires, we may try House Seats if we don't renew our Fill A Seat membership because using this service often really makes it more than worth the money spent on membership!


  1. That looks like a neat thing to go to, I would really enjoy it. We have the titatnic exhibit here now at the Franklin Institute but the tickets are so expensive that there is now way I could take everyone. They charge to get into the museum and then they charge you extra for the exhibit! Insane

  2. Looks like an interesting exhibit. So glad hubby is feeling better.