Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Feel Like We Are Part of the Crowd Now...

I've been reading everyone's blogs lately and noticing that everyone seems to be sick this week.  I though "wow we dodged a bullet there" as we were both feeling hale and healthy until hubby started with a sniffle yesterday and woke up with a full blown illness of some sort this morning.  Now he is feeling horrible and I am stuffing him full of Thera flu and soup.  I hope I don't catch it but that almost never happens as our germs are petty much co-mingled anyway.  On a bright note, when I was working at the $1 Store I noticed that they got a huge shipment of Thera Flu in and I was stunned that it was selling for only $1 when it usually costs $4 at Walmart so I had hubby make a haul (about 10 boxes) least we are putting it to good use!
I hope all of you who are under the weather this week feel better soon!!

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