Sunday, February 3, 2013

Five Things...An Update

Here's what I've been doing the past few days:

  1. I did my taxes online with H & R Block.  I've used this service for a few years and it is soooo simple and sooo cheap ($29.95, even with business income and itemized deductions). I just enter the information and hit send and my taxes are done and sent to the IRS.  This year we will be getting back about $1600 which always amazes me because for so many years with both the hubby and I working, we would always owe taxes.  I know that people say you should make it so the government doesn't get such a big, interest-free loan but I like having a lump sum come in all at once instead of relying on myself to actually put that much money aside in savings (I'm fairly horrible at saving money).
  2. I did my first volksmarch of the year yesterday with the local volksmarch club.  We did a 10k walk on the Las Vegas Strip and hubby even went along noting he would much rather walk the Strip in Las Vegas then go on a volksmarch in Seattle (which usually included a lot of hills and trees and rain).  Since I want to walk 500 km with the volksmarchers this year, I better get busy walking!
  3. I came across this article which made me say wow, hmmm, and yep I agree.
  4. I am putting together another box of children's books and school supplies for an elementary school in the Philippines.  The kids, and especially the teachers, appreciate these things SO MUCH because they really have so very little there (see photo of happy kids above).  If you would like to donate any items to go in this box, please send me an email at
  5. I also came across this very useful tip in case your car ever gets stolen (see last paragraph of this article).
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend (and enjoying the Super Bowl today!).


  1. Your Volksmarch goal is very cool. I am rooting for you!

    1. Thanks. Im always amazed when I run into volksmarchers with 10000k or even 25000k under their belt!

  2. I started following 'Thought Catalog' about a week ago on Twitter. Now, I get updates of all their new posts. I love it.