Tuesday, February 5, 2013

20 Goals for the Rest of February

I am so goal-oriented it's crazy.  I have a list of annual goals, a list of daily goals, and when things get hectic, I also write down my weekly goals.  Here's what I plan to accomplish for the rest of the month:

  1. Do a volksmarch by myself (I missed the group walk in January and want to make it up).
  2. Go to the family history center to do some genealogy research (I just got the death certificate for my great grandmother and it says she was divorced at the time of her death.  This was in the 1930s.  Now I'm wondering WHY because getting divorced then was a big deal.  I swear I find a new mystery with every person I research!).
  3. Vacuum out the van, get it washed, and get the oil changed (we haven't done this in AGES).
  4. Go on a hike in the Valley of Fire petrified forest (free through the park service and going to the Valley of Fire is on my annual goal list).
  5. Go on our usual Monday hike in Red Rock Canyon (that's hubby on one of our past hikes in the photo above).
  6. Go ice skating (also on my annual list; I am trying to do five of these annual goals a month.  I wish my nieces and nephews were here to go with me but I will go by myself; hubby said "no way" to his doing this goal).
  7. Go to Mt Charleston and play in the snow (also on the annual goal list, I just can't believe there is snow only a half hour away from Vegas so I want to see for myself).
  8. Doctor's appointments (one for me, one for hubby).
  9. Valentine's Day (still have no idea what to do for the hubby for this holiday).
  10. Replace the kitchen faucet (it's leaking and I want a nice faucet like this). 
  11. Go to my monthly genealogy club meeting.
  12. Go on another group volksmarch next Saturday.
  13. Do a hike at Lake Mead with the ATBF hiking group (both hiking with this group and hiking the Lake Mead area in particular are both on my annual goal list).
  14. Mail 10 copies of my book to friends in Washington (I am still selling a trickle of books each month but I think that having friends help promote it and doing this in the spring which is prime time for tourist actives there will help sales).
  15. Order another birth certificate and another death certificate for my genealogy research (these are expensive at $20 to $25 a pop!).
  16. Buy and install a shower door for my bathroom shower (I was supposed to do this last month and didn't get around to it).
  17. Take a concealed carry class (I have a concealed carry license for Washington but need to get one for Nevada which requires a class).
  18. Plan a trip to San Francisco for March (the trip for February with the cousins fell through because we had to be here for our doctor's appointments which couldn't be changed).
  19. Get paid by my friend (I did some work for my friend's business and she said she would pay me a month ago and so far, no check.  She has never been this flaky before but somehow I need to get her to pay me...after already asking about it repeatedly :I  ).
  20. Decide on a cruise.  We are debating between doing a cruise in March or waiting until the fall (this is also on my annual goal list).

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  1. Woah, what a list - you'll be busy! If you are over at my blog, you'll see I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award, here: http://wp.me/p25oSj-K9 If you'd like to take part, the "instructions" are posted there!