Sunday, February 24, 2013

Travel. Planned.

I really hate spending money but I didn't want to wait too long and allow prices to go up so I finally bit the bullet and got our upcoming travel paid for.  Here's the plan:

  • We will fly in to Portland, OR on a Saturday, the day of our family reunion.  Bonus: we booked with Delta, the airline we use the most, and so we got air miles for this trip.  The cost was the same as for other airlines so we didn't pay extra just to get the miles.
  • The day we fly in, my sister will pick up us at the airport and we will go to the reunion.
  • We will stay two nights at my friend's house and the day after the reunion I will do a volksmarch in Vancouver (remember I am working on getting 500k in volksmarches done this year so every little bit helps!).
  • On Monday we will take the train or Greyhound bus to Seattle.  If anyone is heading north after the reunion, we may get a ride with them which would save money.
  • We will hit up some of our favorite places in Seattle then take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island and stay with a cousin for a few days.  There we will catch up with friends we haven't seen since we moved.  The cousin has an extra car and there is also a good bus system there so we won't have to pay (or pay much) for transportation.
  • On Friday we will either take the cousin's car to Port Angeles or take the local bus (three separate bus systems!) to catch the ferry to Victoria BC.
  • We booked our hotel in Victoria BC for Friday and Saturday.  On Friday I will do a 10k volksmarch with the festival group, on Saturday I will do the marathon (42k!), and I also signed up for a 21k walk on Sunday (whether I do this or not will depend on how crippled I am from the marathon!).
  • On Sunday we wanted to take the ferry through the San Juan Islands then connect with the city buses to get back to Seattle then take the ferry back to Bainbridge Island but it looks like many of the city buses aren't running on Sunday so we may end up taking the car to Port Angeles, leaving it there for the weekend, then taking the ferry back to Pt Angeles on Sunday and picking up the car and driving back to the cousin's house.  Or we will take the bus to Port Angeles, stay an extra night in Victoria, then take the ferry through the San Juan Islands.  This part is still up in the air.
  • We fly back to Vegas on Tuesday.  Again, we fly Delta and while the cost was a bit higher than the lowest cost flight, it gave us air miles AND it was only four hours of flying with one stop while the other flights were something like six to eight hours.
Overall, we plan to make use of public transit as much as possible instead of renting a car to save money, stay with family and friends to save on hotel costs, and also try to cram in as much activity as possible while we are there!

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  1. I keep forgetting there is a Vancouver in Washington!